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I’ve been thinking a lot about feminism these days. I’m not a women’s studies specialist: I’m a fifty-year old woman, married, with a seven-year-old son, a graduate student in English of unfortunately long standing (must… finish… dissertation…), newly menopausal, and all sorts of other descriptors. I’m also a Teaching Assistant for university-level English courses ranging from first to third year. Occasionally, the question will come up in our discussion sections: who in this room describes her- or himself as a feminist? Often, mine is the only hand that’s raised. When pressed, my students will grudgingly admit that they’re all for equality and all that, but they’re not *that* kind of feminist, and we’re already equal and everything, right? We don’t need to be feminists now! I’ve been working on a forthcoming book for Inanna, A Force Such as the World Has Never Known, in which women from around the world describe their lived-experience as women, the challenges they face, and the bea… More posts

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Women Writing4: Remembering

Winter 2012/Spring 2013, Vol. 30 , No.1. Guest edited by: Frances Beer, Brenda Cranney and Andrea Medovarski

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