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As you browse our books, we hope you will find a multiplicity of voices, particularly fresh new Canadian voices, that speak to your heart and tell truths about the lives of the broad spectrum and endless diversity of Canadian women.

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After a delectable meal at a Chinese restaurant, most of us welcome the fortune cookies that customarily accompany the bill.  Even though the fortunes are usually universally propitious there is always a moment of hesitation before the first cellophane wrapped cookie is selected, and then the rest are claimed and then everyone settles down to crack open their cookie to retrieve the little paper inside that hopefully forecasts a change in one’s fortunes.             Just after completing my first novel, a little over two years ago, I received the following message in my fortune cookie – “Happiness is a direction, not a destination.”  I showed it to my partner, Garry and the couple with whom we’d gone out for dinner and they in turn shared their fortunes with me.  I didn’t have to ponder for very long over what my fortune referred to as I was already feeling a little blue after all … More posts

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Women Writing4: Remembering

Winter 2012/Spring 2013, Vol. 30 , No.1. Guest edited by: Frances Beer, Brenda Cranney and Andrea Medovarski

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