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As you browse our books, we hope you will find a multiplicity of voices, particularly fresh new Canadian voices, that speak to your heart and tell truths about the lives of the broad spectrum and endless diversity of Canadian women.

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I recently had another birthday. Let’s just say that I am old enough to remember when as kids we got a quarter for an allowance, which was considered liberal, and when a pair of nylons for young girls and women came as a set of two with a seam down the backs. But today I go to strenuous fitness and world dance classes (the dance vocabulary from Africa, the Middle East and South America), take aquafit and learn ballroom dancing; I dress well, travel, have a large circle of friends and a rich family life; am computer literate, engage in an interesting intellectual and cultural life and take an active interest in politics; I have had careers in music, teaching, writing, and my story collection Aspects of Nature is about to be published by Inanna in the Spring of 2016. My husband has a similar lifestyle. One day my husband and I were crossing a wide street in downtown Toronto. We had parked our car directly across from our destination and, admittedly, were jay walking in the middle of t… More posts

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Women and Water

Forthcoming May 2015! Fall/Winter 2015. Guest edited by: Kim Anderson, Brenda Cranney, Angela Miles, Wanda Nanibush, and Paula Sherman

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