With the purpose of providing collaborative spaces for writers and artists, Anubha Mehta’s two website blogs are becoming extremely popular. There is no fee for submission, and anyone can submit within the guidelines.

Blog: Tell-Tale : Welcomes diverse, everyday tales.

Everyone has a tale to tell. And each tale has a message. The purpose of this blog is to share real-life stories of ordinary people living extra-ordinary lives. At the end of each post, there are Points to Ponder and a comment box waiting for your feedback. Share your journey!

A Writer’s Blog: This is a safe, inclusive, and interactive space for artists, writers, poets and storytellers to unpack their worlds, worldviews, journeys, art, and craft. 

Read about the submission criteria by visiting these blog pages.

Blog: Tell-Tale :

  1. https://www.anubhamehta.com/tell-tale-share-your-story/
  2. https://www.anubhamehta.com/why-tell-tale/

A Writer’s Blog:

  1. https://www.anubhamehta.com/blog/
  2. https://www.anubhamehta.com/the-transition-from-a-writer-to-an-author/

Anubha Mehta is a Canadian writer and artist who was born in India. With a doctorate in Political Science, and two decades of Canadian public service experience, Anubha has been awarded for her leadership work with diverse communities. Her book, The Politics of Nation Building and Art Patronage (2012), was a culmination of years of her research in late 1990s. Her short stories and poems have been published in several Canadian magazines and journals and reflect her travels and life lived on both sides of the globe. She currently lives in Mississauga, Ontario. Peacock in the Snow is her debut novel. Read more about Anubha’s work on: www.AnubhaMehta.com