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Inanna Spring 2017 Academic Catalogue

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Academic content

Inanna Publications began as an exclusively academic publisher (in fact, our full name is Inanna Publications and Education!), and many of our titles serve as texts in university and college courses across North America. Since each issue of Canadian Woman Studies/les cahiers de la femme is built around a theme (such as "Women Resisting Rape," or "Feminism, Activism and Spirituality") , many are also appropriate for classroom use.

We invite you to browse our academic catalogue, where you will find that many of our books and journal issues are perfect for women and gender studies courses, as well as sociology courses, Indigenous studies, Black studies, disability studies, cultural studies, equity studies, feminist theory and feminist methodology courses, women's writing, and many more. 

Examination, Review, or Desk Copies

Faculty members, teachers and instructors may order complimentary examination copies. Requests must indicate the name of the course, the expected enrolment and the institution where the course is being taught. Please direct your request to <>. 

Help us save trees and keep costs down by requesting an electronic examination copy in PDF form. If the text looks like it might be a good fit for your course, we will be happy to provide a bound copy. 

For booksellers:

Textbook orders receive a 20% discount for orders of 5 or more copies, and should be directed to:

In Canada:

Brunswick Books Ltd.
20 Maud St. Suite 303,
Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2M5
Tel: 416.703.3598 Fax: 416.703.6561 

Sales Representatives

For British Columbia and Alberta:
Kim Goodliffe
250.634.0555 Cell

For Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Northwestern Ontario:
Harold Shuster

For Atlantic Provinces, Quebec, Ottawa and Southern Ontario:
Cheryl Steele

For Ontario:
Lindsay Sharpe

In the US:

Small Press Distribution
Ph. 1-800-869-7553
Canadian Returns: Generous returns policy.

Returns of books in resale condition are accepted with advance permission up to 12 months from invoice date. Please contact Brunswick (for books) or Inanna (for journal issues) for instructions and authorization.

Please note that course orders for issues of CWS/cf should be sent directly to Inanna at <>.

Note: Stock of back issues is limited; if an issue is out-of-print, photo-copied reprints are available for textbook orders of 5 copies or more.

We regret that we cannot accept returns of reprinted journals.

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