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When Edna O’Brien published The Little Red Chairs in 2015, she was at the pinnacle of her career. Born in 1930, O’Brien achieved international recognition as a novelist, memoirist, playwright, poet and short story writer over a five decade period. Mary Robinson, the former President of Ireland, hailed O’Brien as one of the great creative writers of her generation. By giving voice to women and bringing their experiences of repressed sexuality to the page, O’Brien broke the silence on the inner lives of women in Irish fiction.         O’Brien burst on the literary scene in 1960 with the publication of her novel, The Country Girls. Written after she had moved to London, it’s the story of two young women who flee the restrictions of rural Ireland and their convent school to pursue a more liberated life in Dublin. Instead, they lose their innocence in ways that outraged the ultra-religious, ultra-conservative powers dominating Irish society at the time. The book and O’Brien’s two following… More posts

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Women and Social and Environmental Justice Vol 31.1,2

Guest edited by: Leigh Brownhill, Ana Isla and Sujata Thapa-Bhattarai

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