Women’s Health and Well-Being


Fall 2004

Volume: 24

Number: 1

Table of Contents

by Nili R. Benazon, Linda Hawkins, Ann Holmes, Perez Oyugi, Carla R. Ribeiro Esther Tharao and Charmaine C. Williams 3,5

Determinants of Health: Setting the Context
The Women’s Health Movement: Looking Back and Moving Forward
by Madeline Boscoe, Gwynne Basen, Ghislaine Alleyne, Barbara Bourrier-LaCroix and Susan White of the Canadian Women’s Health Network 7

“Quality Care is Like a Carton of Eggs”: Using a Gender-Based Diversity Analysis to Assess Quality of Health Care
by Beth E. Jackson, Ann Pederson, Pat Armstrong, Madeline Boscoe, Barbara Clow, Karen R. Grant, Nancy Guberman and Kay Willson 15

Racism, Sexism and Colonialism: The Impact on the Health of Aboriginal Women
in Canada
by Carrie Bourassa, Kim McKay-McNabb and Mary Hampton 23

Lower-Income Women with Breast Cancer: Interacting with Cancer Treatment and Income Security Systems
by Judy Gould 31

Silent No More: Coming Out About Lesbians and Cancer
by the Lesbians and Breast Cancer Project Team 37

Une étude sur le vécu des femmes francophones atteintes du cancer du sein
par Stephanie Austin 43

My Battle with Anorexia and Schizophrenia
by Tami Stransky-Afriat 49

Journal Through Fibromyalgia
by Susan McNicoll 52

Living with HIV
by Louise Binder 55

Sexual and Reproductive Health: The Issues Cinq ans plus tard, où est-ce qu’on naît? Constat sur l’accessibilité de la pratique sage-femme au Québec en 2004
par Nesrine Bassaih 59

From Birth Control to Menstrual Control: The Launch of the Extended Oral Contraceptive, Seasonale
by Helen Loshny 63

Womb is Womb, But is Birth Birth? A Look at the Queer Interaction of Medical Services, Social Context and Identity Understandings in Canadian Birthing Experiences
by Michelle Walks 68

The Costs of Separation: The Birth Experiences of Women in Isolated and Remote Communities in British Columbia
by Jude Kornelsen and Stefan Grzybowski 75

Women’s Lived Experiences of Infertility
by Diana C. Parry 81

Victimized or Validated? Responses to Substance-Using Pregnant Women
by Lorraine Greaves and Nancy Poole 87

The Case Against the Medicalization of Female Genital Mutilation
by C.Nana Derby 95

Le syndrome prémenstruel
par Nesrine Bassaih 101

Depo-Provera: Does this Contraceptive Choice Support the Health and Well-Being of Adolescents and Young Women?
by Laura Wershler 105

Women as Caregivers: The Costs and Challenges Violence Against Women in the Context of Mental Illness: Hidden Costs for Sisters Who Are Caregivers
by Charmaine C. Williams 109

Hospital-Based Responses to Woman Abuse: How Well Are We Doings?
by Robin Mason 117

Caregiving and Being in Touch: Lessons from My 85-Year-Old Mum and Me
by C. Heather Menzies 122

The Role of Unpaid Work in Maintaining Individual and Community Health in Atlantic Canada: A Case Study
by Katharine Side and Janice Keefe 129

Battle Fatigue: Identifying Stressors that Affect Counsellors in Women’s Shelters
by Céline Chatigny, Ève Laperrière, Marie-Christine Thibault and Karen Messing 139

“You Think it is the Turning But it is the Multiple Small Stuff”: Gender, the Division of Labour and Musculoskeletal Injury Among Nursing Staff
by Ellen Balka, Servane Mason and Nicole Elfring 145

Ontario Midwives: Reflections on a Decade of Midwifery
by Stephanie L. Paterson 153

Strategies and Responses: Moving Toward Healing Aboriginal Women at Midlife: Grandmothers as Agents of Change
by Lynn M. Meadows, Wilfreda E. Thurston and Laura E. Lagendyk 159

Women of Colour Living with Breast Cancer: The Search for Support
by Jennifer Nelson and Florence Agyapong 167

Pieces of the Puzzle: Making HIV Prevention Education and Services “Fit” Within the Context of Sex Trade Workers’ Needs
by Anita Keeping 173

The Writing on the Wall: HIV/AIDS Awareness Posters Targeting Women
by Linda Hunter 178

Creating Community Across Disability and Difference
by Carla Rice, Hilde Zitzelsberger, Wendy Porch and Esther Ignani 187

The Pleasures of Healing, the Possibilities for Mental Health Care
by Rosemary Barnes and Ssuan Schellenberg 194


Fast Bones Anne Duke Judd 13
The Canes by Renee Norman 22
Time around Breast Cancer – Diagnosis by Carol Adams 47
Time around Breast Cancer – Return to Health by Carol Adams 47
Ange-Aimée by Alison Pryer 74
Women’s Clinic Hush by Lyndsay Daniel 93
A Life of Blood by Donna J. Gelagotis Lee 93
Focus by Ronnie R. Brown 116
A child and a working mother by Farideh de Bosset 121
Disintegrating Tissues by Nancy Gobatto 127
Arthritic Dreams I by Renee Norman 127
4 loads of laundry by Renee Norman 137
Morning Workout Anne Duke Judd 138
A Prayer for Remission by Mary Boland-Doyle 144
Facing the Magdalens by Lolette Kuby 165
Metaphor For How the West Was Won by Heather Brondy 172
Excerpt from “Between Dream and Open Eyelid” by Melanie Cameron 177
Residency at the Island Clinic by Donna J. Gelagotis Lee 185
Last Few Days Love Thee by Marlene Kadar 186
Diane Arbus by Lolette Kuby 186


Women, Health and Nation: Canada and the United States Since 1945
reviewed by Lykke de la Cour 200

Family Life and Sociability in Upper and Lower Canada, 1780-1870: A View
from Diaries and Family Correspondence
reviewed by Clara Thomas 201

Learning to be Old: Gender, Culture and Aging
reviewed by Sherrill Cheda 202

The Psychology of Gender, Second Edition reviewed by Susan Thomas 203
Dancing at the Dead Sea
reviewed by Jane Cawthorne 204

Feminist (Re)visions of the Subject: Landscapes, Ethnoscapes, and
reviewed by Danielle Russell 204

Sites of Violence: Gender and Conflict Zones
reviewed by Helene Moussa 205

The Cambridge Companion to Gothic Fiction
reviewed by Natalie Neill 206


About the Artwork


Shlomit Segal, “Exuberance,” 2005, mixed media digital image, 13″ x 14″.

Shlomit Segal is a Toronto graphic designer and illustrator whose work has occasionally appeared on the covers of feminist journals including Canadian Woman Studies/les cahiers de la femme and Women’s Studies Quarterly. Over the years she has been involved in the women’s movment, Jewish social justice groups, and arts organizations.


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