Rural Women in Canada


Summer / Fall 2005

Volume: 24

Number: 4


Table of Contents

by Brenda Cranney, Belinda Leach, Martha MacDonald, Diane Martz, Karen Pedersen, Maureen G. Reed and Katherine Side 3,5

Governing Rurality: Politics, Policy and Political Activism

“You Are Mostly Promised That You Will Not Be Alone”: Women Farm Leaders Speak Out About Resistance and Agrarian Activism
by Annette Aurélie Desmarais 7

“Everyone Should Have a Voice, Everyone’s Equal”: Gender, Decision-Making and Environmental Policy in the Canadian Arctic
by Joanna Kafarowski 12

Learning About the Place of Women in Forestry and Land Use Debates on British Columbia’s West Coast
by Maureen G. Reed 18

Have You Heard the One About the Farmer’s Daughter? Gender Bias in the Intergenerational Transfer of Farm Land on the Canadian Prairies
by Ella Forbes-Chilibeck 26

Addressing the Rural Deficit in Women’s Political Leadership
by Louise Carbert 37

Politics, Gender and the Farmyard
by Sally Shortall 43

Changing Climate, Uncertain Future: Considering Rural Women in Climate Changes Policies and Strategies
by Wendy Milne 49

LGBTQ Activism: Small Town Social Change
by Les Marple and Victoria Latchmore 55

Silencing Women in Canada: The Effects of the Erosion of Support Programs for Farm Women
by Nikki Gerrard, Wilfreda E. Thurston, Catherine M. Scott and Lynn M. Meadows; 59

Old and New Labours in Rural Communities

The “Good Wife” and Her Farm Husband: Changing Household Practices in Rural Saskatchewan
by June Corman 69

Fédération des Agricultrices du Québec
par Carmen Ducharme 75

“Small is Beautiful”: The Responses of Women Organic Farmers to the Crisis in Agriculture
by Jennifer Sumner 78

Farm Women: The Hidden Subsidy in Our Food
by Wendee Kubik 85

Gender Transformative Odysseys: Tracing the Experiences of Transnational Migrant Women in Rural Canada
by Kerry Preibisch 91

One Woman’s Grain of Sand: The Struggle for the Dignified Treatment of Canada¹s Foreign Agricultural Workers
as told to Kerry Preibisch by Teresa Alemán 98

The “Modern Fisherman”: Masculinity in Crisis or Resilient Masculinity?
by Nicole Gerarda Power 102

Rural Women’s Health and Well-Being: Building Infrastructures

Rural Women’s Health Issues in Canada: An Overview and Implications for Policy and Research
by Beverly D. Leipert 109

So Close Yet So Far: Rurality as a Determinant of Women’s Health
by Rebecca Sutherns 117

Telehealth, Geography and Jurisdiction: Issues of Health Care Delivery in Northern Saskatchewan
by Lesley McBain and Debra Morgan 123

If There’s No Mark, There’s No Crime: Help Seeking Experiences of Rural Women Living With Psychological Abuse
by Maureen McCallum and Al Lauzon 130

“Still Out There”: Experiencing Substance Abuse and Violence in Rural British Columbia
by Natasha Jategaonkar, Lorraine Greaves, Nancy Poole, Lucy McCullough and Cathy Chabot 136

Assessing the Needs of Rural, Anglophone Women in Québec: The RONA Project
by Cheryl Gosselin 142

Trials of Transportation in the Rapidly Developing Community of Georgina
by Patricia Simpson 147

A Web of Support for Rural Girls: A School/Community Healthcare Partnership
by Aniko Varpalotai 153

Harnessing Information and Communication Technology to Build an Online Community of Northern/Rural Women
by Dawn Hemingway and Chrstina McLennan 161

Grrls Plugged In: How Canadian Rural Young Women are Using the Internet
by Lisa Campbell 167


Insomnia by Farideh De Bosset 17
The Old Farmhouse by Marion Harder 36
Country Bounty by Susan Braley 74
music man by Adebe DeRango-Adem 97
Bullfight by Flavia Cosma 101
A Wreath of Memories by Cheryl R. Cowtan 122
dandelion (for William) by Alison Pryer 135
Catherine of Racconigi by Jeanette Lynes 141
My Mother’s Feet by Jeanette Lynes 146
Messages by Jeanette Lynes 152
Toxic Culture by Susan McCaslin 160
cross-fade by Adebe DeRango-Adem 160
What Child Comes Back by Ann Carson 166

Book Reviews

The SEWA Movement and Rural Development: The Banaskantha and Kutch Experience and The Line: Women, Partition and the Gender Order in Cyprus
reviewed by Naomi Black 171

Country Women Cope With Hard Times: A Collection of Oral Histories
reviewed by Lee Everts 173

Pilgrims in Love
reviewed by Shelagh Wilkinson 174

The Narcissus and the Pomegranate: An Archaeology of the Homeric Hymn to Demeter
reviewed by Samuel Wagar 176

Treasures: The Stories Women Tell About the Things They Keep
reviewed by Stephanie Dickison 177

The Belles of New England: The Women of the Textile Mills and the Families Whose Wealth They Wove
reviewed by Jeanne Maranda 178

Recollections of Waterloo College
reviewed by Clara Thomas 180

“All This Reading”: The Literary World of Barbara Pym
reviewed by Heather Campbell 181

Mamma Mia! Good Italian Girls Talk Back
reviewed by Marion Lynn 182


About the Artwork

Front Cover
KY Hanewich, “Duck Dinner Dessert (tribute to Bonnard)” oil on canvas, 32″ x 40″, 2005. Photo: Mikhail Hanewich-Hollatz

Back Cover
KY Hanewich, “Maple Sap” oil on canvas, 20″ x 30″, 2005. Photo: Mikhail Hanewich-Hollatz

KY Hanewich was born in rural southern Ontario and started painting at the age of 14. A degree in fine arts from the University of Waterloo and attending Art’s Sake Inc. in Toronto in 1981 provided the foundation for her oil on canvas painting. Her work has been shown in the University of Waterloo Gallery, Gallery Stratford, and the Robert McLaughlin Gallery. Her work is in collections in North America, Europe, and Japan. Currently, Kim works after the colourist tradition from her log studio/home at the southwest edge of Algonquin Provinical Park. See her work online: www.geocities.com/kimhanewich.


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