Women and Peace-Building


Table of Contents

by Angela Miles, Sharon Groves and Luciana Ricciutelli 3

Women’s Security in Peace and War

Feminism, Peace, Human Rights and Human Security
by Charlotte Bunch

Through Conflict to a Peacemaker Identity
by Anne Goodman and Anna Snyder

Transformation des rapports sociaux de sexe au lendemain des conflits armés: quel espace pour les femmes dans le processus de paix?
par Nadine Puechguirbal

The Scars on Women’s Minds and Bodies: Women’s Roles in Post-Conflict Reconstruction in Uganda
by Ruth Ojiambo Ochieng

Women’s Responses to State Violence: Peace Women and Peace-Building in Northern Ireland
by Marie Hammond Callaghan

Women Articulating the Challenges

Racism, Ethnicity and Peace: Some Initial Thoughts on Intersectionality
by Sunila Abeysekara

Peace as a Masquerade: Militarization and Post-War Terror in Guatemala
by Egla J. Martinez

Towards “A Peaceful Solution”: NAC and the Politics of Engagement
by Mary-Jo Nadeau

The Impacts on Women of Prolific Small Arms and Light Weapons
by Vanessa Farr

Do Women Matter in Peacekeeping? Women in Police, Military and Civilian Peacekeeping
by Dyan Mazurana

Women’s Peace Activism: Local and Global

We’ve Come a Long Way: Engendering Peace-Building and the New Diplomacy
by Janis Alton

Women’s Contribution to the Northern Island Peace Agreement
by Tahnya Barnett Donaghy

The Politics of Peace-Building and Development in Nepal
by Rita Thapa and Elinor Bray-Collins

Rural Women’s Peace Link Network Groups of Western Kenya
by Naomi Shitemi

Feminist Activism Around the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
by Sharon Groves

A Tool for Women Peace-Builders: PeaceWomen.org and the 1325 E-Newsletter
by Sarah Shteir

Why We Need Women’s Actions and Feminist Voices for Peace
by Starhawk

Women Building a Peaceful World

A U.S. Feminist Response to September 11th: Calling for a Gift Economy
by Genevieve Vaughan

Building a Culture of Peace: An Interview with Muriel Duckworth and Betty Peterson
by Evangelia Tastsoglou and Marie Welton

Peace is … women imagine a peaceful world photoessay
by Jennifer deGroot

Women and Peace-Building: Community Development Perspectives in Hyderabad, India
by C. Raja Rajeswari

Mayan Women and the Foro as a Political Collective: The Guatemalan National Women’s Forum
by Carol Lynne D’Arcangelis

Women’s Peace-Building Activities: The Case of Cyprus
by Katie Economidou

Creating Dialogue in a Landscape of Conflict in South Eastern Europe
by Lise Bjerkan

Women Transforming Patriarchy: Feminist Ritual as Peace-Building
by Lisa Schirch

Un Testament … des années 1930 à 2002
par Danielle Cuisinier-Dionne

Critical Reflections and Situated Accounts: Women on War and Peace
by Eilish Rooney


Grandmother’s Cradle by Joanna M. Weston
Our Gift by Lolette Kuby
Totem Child by Cherie Hanson
18-Year-Old Curiosity by Jessica Pierce
À ma soeur Afghane par Le Plume du Phénix
Libera Me par Marie Janick Belleau
A Daughter’s Visit by Theresa Moore
Esquisse de paix par Le Plume du Phénix
Leite de mel by Irene Marques
Women Learning: Thunder in the bones by Mary Ann Fenimore
The Ageling by Mary Ann Fenimore
Untitled by Anne-Marie Brumm
White Garden by Alexis Easley
Every Newsphoto Tells a Story by Patience Wheatley
L’essentiel par Marie Janick Belleau
Covenant Explored by Vivian Hansen
White Silence by Kathy Ashby
Untitled by Shauna Paull
To Dorothy Wordsworth by Alexis Easley
Morning Time by Kay R. Eginton
Love in Tanka Time by Anne-Marie Brumm
Karma par Marie Janick Belleau
La coupe est pleine; qui va la boire? par Danielle Cuisinier-Dionne
Reconnaissable entre toutes par Marie Janick Belleau
Eileen Among the Lilies by Jan Bailey

Book Reviews

Wild Politics
reviewed by Evelyn Accad

For-Giving: A Feminist Criticism of Exchange
reviewed by Mechthild Hart

September 11, 2001: Feminist Perspectives
reviewed by Liz Crock

Women of the Afghan War
reviewed by Shahrzad Mojab

Mairead Corrigan and Betty Williams: Making Peace in Northern Ireland
reviewed by Marie Hammond Callaghan

The Aftermath: Women in Post-Conflict Transformation
reviewed by Anne Goodman

Women Without Men: Mennonite Refugees of the Second World War
reviewed by Shannon Stettner

Long Shadows: Truth, Lies and History
reviewed by Sharon Ferguson-Hood

A Chorus for Peace: A Global Anthology of Poetry by Women
reviewed by Megan Hillman

What Do We Know and The Leaf and the Cloud
reviewed by Deborah Jurdjevic


About the Author

Front Cover
Muriel Duckworth protests the potential war against Iraq with fellow members of Voices of Women. White poppies were handed out in front of the Spring Garden Road Public Library in downtown Halifax on November 8, 2002. Photo: Denise Surette.

Denise Surette is currently a journalism student at the University of King’s College in Halifax. She is from Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia, and works as an intern at the Halifax Herald.


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