Violence Against Women: New Canadian Perspectives


Edited by Katherine M. J. McKenna and June Larkin

504 Pages
December 01, 2002

This volume highlights some of the latest thinking in Canada on the issue of male violence against women. Articles examine the prevalence and nature of violence against women, violence and women¹s health and structural forms of violence against women. Contributors include: Holly Johnson, Yasmin Jiwani, Aysan Sev’er Emma D. LaRocque, Himani Bannerji, Jenny Horsman, Helene Moussa, Kim Pate and Elizabeth Sheehy among many others.

“This comprehensive collection of articles on violence against women provides a compelling account of our national involvement in violence prevention over the past thirty years. Intermingling state statistics with local policy concerns, moving from high school corridors to courtrooms, dimensions of our historical and continuing engagement in ending violence against children and women unfolds. Readers will find much to contemplate in these community responsive, academically intelligent, politically astute and socially resolute articles.”
— Nancy Mandell, School of Women’s Studies / Sociology, York University, Toronto

Violence Against Women: New Canadian Perspectives

Katherine M. J. McKenna is an Associate Professor of History and Women’s Studies at the University of Western Ontario in London.

June Larkin is the Coordinator of the Undergraduate Program in Women’s Studies, St. George Campus, for the Institute for Women’s Studies and Gender Studies, University of Toronto.



June Larkin and Katherine M. J. McKenna

Section I:
The Prevalence and Nature of Violence Against Women in Canada

Methods of Measurement
Holly Johnson 

Understanding the Attacks on Statistics Canada’s Violence Against Women Survey
Anthony N. Doob

The 1999 General Social Survey on Spousal Violence: An Analysis
Yasmin Jiwani 

Exploring the Continuum: Sexualized Violence by Men and Male Youth Against Women and Girls
Aysan Sev’er 

The Incidence and Prevalence of Woman Abuse in Canadian Courtship
Walter DeKeseredy and Martin D. Schwartz 

Woman Killing: Intimate Femicide in Ontario, 1974-1994
Rosemary Gartner, Myrna Dawson, and Maria Crawford 

Violence in Aboriginal Communities
Emma D. LaRocque 

Domestic Violence and the Experiences of Rural Women in East Central Saskatchewan
Diane J. Forsdick Martz and Deborah Bryson Saraurer 

In the Matter of “X”: Building Race into Sexual Harassment
Himani Bannerji

Section II
Violence and Women’s Health

Race, Gender, Violence, and Health Care
Yasmin Jiwani 

Remembrance of Things Past: The Legacy of Childhood Sexual Abuse in Midlife Women
Sari Tudiver, Lynn McClure, Tuula Heinonen, Christine Kreklewitz and Carol Scurfield 

Literacy Learning for Survivors of Trauma: Acting “Normal”
Jenny Horsman

Struck Dumb
Mary Nyquist

Do We Need to Syndromize Women’s Experiences? The Limitations of the “Battered Woman Syndrome”
Elizabeth Comack 

Mapping the Politics of a Research Journey: Violence Against Women as a Public Health Issue
Katherine M. J. McKenna and Dawn G. Blessing 

Women, Poverty, and HIV Infection
June Larkin 

The Health-Related Economic Costs of Violence Against Women: in Canada: The Tip of the Iceberg
Tanis Day and Katherine M. J. McKenna

Section III
Structural Forms of Violence Against Women

A Question of Silence: Reflections on Violence Against Women in Communities of Colour
Himani Bannerji 

Violence Against Refugee Women: Gender Oppression, Canadian Policy, and the International Struggle for Human Rights
Helene Moussa 

Living on the Edge: Women, Poverty and Homelessness in Canada
Suzanne Lenon

Before and After: A Woman’s Story with Two Endings
Woman Abuse Council of Toronto 

Locked In, Left Out: Impacts of the Budget Cuts on Abused Women and Their Children
Ontario Association of Interval and Transition Houses

Men at Work to End Wife Abuse in Quebec: A Case Study in Claims-Making
Juergen Dankwort and Rudolf Rausch 

Erasing Race: The Story of Reena Virk
Yasmin Jiwani 

Labelling Young Women as Violent: Vilification of the Most Vulnerable
Kim Pate 

Legal Responses to Violence Against Women in Canada
Elizabeth Sheehy

Contributor Notes


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