Patterson House

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a novel by Jane Cawthorne

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September 27, 2022

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Alden Patterson, the last living member of a once-wealthy Toronto family, is haunted by the legacy of her grandfather, William Patterson, whose suicide taints the family name. She lives in the decaying Patterson House with Constance, a foundling, and John Hunt, an injured war veteran and the family’s former gardener. When Alden is reduced to taking in boarders, she thinks she has found a way to survive until the crash of 1929 leaves her truly desperate and one particular boarder threatens to destroy everything she thinks she wants.

“Part sweeping historical novel, part ghost story, part coming of age tale and part feminist rally cry, Patterson House is a novel that manages to do so much at once. I loved the close examination of Toronto’s history and the reality of women’s limited options in the early 1900s. Alden Patterson is a fictional hero for our times, a woman trying hard to retain her independence in an era that doesn’t allow for it. Cawthorne’s writing is fluid and spare, allowing the novel’s twists and turns to guide the reader. This is a wonderful book.”
—Amy Stuart, author of Still Mine, Still Water, and Still Here

“One of the numerous delights of this first novel is the picture it presents of Toronto at the turn of the twentieth century and into the 1930s. But it is Toronto as lived in by women: the unwed mothers, the motherless girls, the women who have given up their rights when they marry only to discover how bad the bargain they have made is, and also, but certainly not the least, those brave ones who defy convention and refuse the life laid out for them. Salvation for women is hard to come by in this writerly world, but it sometimes does through dogged persistence, mutual support, simple courage, and once in a while, through plain dumb luck.

Jane Cawthorne’s Patterson House is a tightly-woven, warm and lively novel that builds in tension in such a way that nearing the end, the reader won’t be able to put the book down.”
—Sharon Butala

“The Patterson House saga is old-fashioned in all the right ways: a great broad canvas of time and event; multiple characters with deeply complicated desires and obstacles; and maybe best of all, writing that is both muscular and lyrical. PBS, are you reading??”
—Sandra Scofield, author of six novels, including Beyond Deserving, which was a finalist for the National Book Award.

“As Patterson House crumbles under the sins and ghosts of the past, readers are gifted with a vivid portrayal of the women behind its walls. Forced to live with the injustices of a man’s world, the remarkable heroines Alden and young Constance share their guilt and grief, resilience and bravery, love and loyalty. Jane Cawthorne’s deeply compelling debut novel—by turns gripping, tragic, and tenderly innocent—will both break and capture your heart.”
—Fran Kimmel, author of No Good Asking

Patterson House

Jane Cawthorne writes about women in moments of crises and transformation. Her short stories and essays have appeared in newspapers, magazines, literary journals, scholarly journals and anthologies. She has edited two anthologies with E.D. Morin, Impact: Women Writing After Concussion, which won BPAA’s prize for Trade Non-Fiction Book of the Year, and Writing Menopause. Her debut novel, Patterson House, is set in Toronto, her birthplace, and a city dear to her even when she lives elsewhere. Jane spent decades active in the pro-choice and reproductive justice movement and is a former Women’s Studies instructor as well as a former high school and middle school teacher. Her play, The Abortion Monologues, has been produced many times in Canada and the US and was once performed at the University of Texas, Brownsville as part of a Ford Foundation funded “Difficult Dialogues” initiative. She has an M.Ed. from OISE and an MFA in Creative Writing from the Solstice Program in Boston, MA. She lives in Victoria. BC. www.janecawthorne.com

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1 review for Patterson House

  1. Rob Lunney

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The characters were engaging and the author really brought the fictional house and the old City of Toronto to life for me.

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