Canadian Woman Studies: An Introductory Reader, 2nd Edition


Edited by Andrea Medovarski and Brenda Cranney

664 Pages
September 01, 2006

Canadian Woman Studies: An Introductory Reader, 2nd Edition, brings together articles on themes and topics at the forefront of feminist inquiry and research. Compiled of articles previously published in Canadian Woman Studies/les cahiers de la femme, it offers a unique and historical perspective of feminism as well as provides an excellent introduction to feminist thought in Canada. This volume has been revised and updated to to consider some of the changes that we have witnessed in Canada and elsewhere since the publication of the best-selling first edition in 1999. Recognizing the growing significance of Canadian feminist scholarship, this edition aims to situate Canada within a broader, transnational context. Articles consider the regional, urban, rural, linguistic, demographic and ethnic differences within the nation, as well as the ways women in Canada are impacted by various global factors.

“This excellent Women’s Studies reader spans a large spectrum of women’s issues, perspectives, and experiences. It gives place to a diversity of voices and feminist world views in Canada. Multidisciplinary in its approach, the book includes works from fields such as social sciences, literature, religious studies, policy studies, communication, health, and education. The writing is stimulating and accessible to introductory students without being simplistic. Congratulations to Canadian Woman Studies for putting together a reader which will alert women’s studies students to a rich sample of feminist thought in Canada.”
– Greta Hofmann Nemiroff, Coordinator, Women’s Studies and the Creative Arts, Literature and Languages Program, Dawson College; Past-President of the Sisterhood is Global Institute.

“This highly readable, all-Canadian collection of articles in Canadian Woman Studies: An Introductory Reader is wonderfully diverse and broad in scope. It is a book that is certain to whet the appetite of students in introductory Women’s Studies courses. I recommend it most highly.”
– Margrit Eichler, Director, Institute for Women’s Studies and Gender Studies, University of Toronto

“Thank you friends for publishing this introductory reader. It is exactly the book I have been looking for, a comprehensive collection of women’s writing to give to my young friends and to my students. The clarity and authenticity of the voices, and the breadth and depth of their approaches is truly remarkable. All I can say is “thank you,” particularly on behalf of those too young to have read the original contributions.”
– Ursula M. Franklin, University Professor Emerita, University of Toronto


Canadian Woman Studies: An Introductory Reader (2nd Edition)

Andrea Medovarski is in the English Department at York University. Her current research focuses on second- generation Black Canadian and Black British women’s writing. Her most recent articles have been published in World Literature Written in English and the Arts Journal.

Brenda Cranney received her Ph.D. in Sociology from York University. She is the author of Local Environment and Lived Experience: The Mountain Women of Himachal Pradesh (Sage).


Andrea Medovarski and Brenda Cranney

Dorothy E. Smith

1. Feminist Perspectives

Women’s Studies: An Inclusive Concept for an Inclusive Field
Marion M. Lynn

Towards a Politics of Location: Rethinking Marginality
Joan Borsa

Moving Beyond the Feminism Versus Nationalism Dichotomy: An Anti-Colonial Perspective on Aboriginal Liberation Struggles
Lina Sunseri

Why I’m a Feminist
Lauren Anderson

Feminism and Young Women: Alive and Well and Still Kicking
Candis Steenbergen

The Silencing of Young Women’s Voices in Women’s Studies
Leah M. Thompson

Local Activisms, Global Feminisms and the Struggle Against Globalization
Angela Miles 

2. Herstories

Our Mothers Grand and Great: Black Women of Nova Scotia
Sylvia Hamilton

The Ontario Medical College for Women, 1883-1906
Lykke de la Cour and Rose Sheinin

The Icelandic Connection: Freyja and the Manitoba Woman Suffrage Movement
Mary Kinnear 

Sewing Solidarity: The Eaton’s Strike of 1912
Ruth A. Frager

The Convent: An Option for Québécoises, 1930-1950
Barbara J. Cooper

Women in Huron and Ojibwa Societies
Marlene Brant Castellano

Recipes for Democracy? Gender, Family and Making Female Citizens in Cold War Canada
Franca Iacovetta 

It’s Time for Change! The World March of Women 2000
Pam Kapoor 

3. Difference and Identities

The Boundaries of Identity at the Intersection of Race, Class and Gender
Didi Khayatt 

Biting the Hand that Feeds Me: Notes on Privilege from a White Anti-Racist Feminist
Nancy Chater 

An African Child Becomes a Black Canadian Feminist: Oscillating Identities in the Black Diaspora
Notisha Massaquoi 

“The Queen and I”: Discrimination Against Women in the Indian Act Continues
Lynn Gehl

Others in Their Own Land: Second Generation South Asian Canadian Women, Racism, and the Persistence of Colonial Discourse
Angela Aujla 

Regulated Narratives in Anti-Homophobia Education: Complications in Coming Out Stories Gulzar
Raisa Charania 

4. Work/Economy

The Feminization of Poverty: An Old Problem With a New Name
Lesley D. Harman 

Solidarity and Pride
Sue Genge

Thinking it Through: Women, Work and Caring in the New Millennium
Pat Armstrong and Hugh Armstrong

Unpaid Workers: The Absence of Rights
Marilyn Waring

Farm Women: The Hidden Subsidy in Our Food
Wendee Kubik 

Provisioning: Thinking About All of Women’s Work
Sheila Neysmith, Marge Reitsma-Street, Stephanie Baker Collins and Elaine Porter

Freedom for Whom? Globalization and Trade from the Standpoint of Garment Workers
Roxana Ng

The Politics of Sustainable Development: A Subsistence View
Ana Isla

5. Policy

Hidden in the Past: How Labour Relations Policy and Law Perpetuate Women’s Inequality
Anne Forrest 

Sponsoring Immigrant Women’s Inequality
Sunera Thobani 

Globalization and the Erosion of the Welfare State: Exploring the Experience of Chinese Immigrant Women
Guida Man

Trafficking in Women for Purposes of Sexual Exploitation: A Matter of Consent?
Monique Trépanier 

Women and Risk: Aboriginal Women, Colonialism, and Correctional Practice
Patricia Monture

Same-Sex Rights for Lesbian Mothers: Child Custody and Adoption
Jennifer L. Schulenberg

The Social Policy Snare: Keeping Women Out of University
Jennifer Nicole Hines

6. Violence

Commemoration for the Montreal Massacre Victims
Ursula Franklin

Some Reflections on Violence Against Women
Radhika Coomaraswamy

Judging Women: the Pernicious Effects of Rape Mythology
Janice Du Mont and Deborah Parnis 

Linking Violence and Poverty in the CASAC Report
Lee Lakeman 

Women Under the Dome of Silence: Sexual Harassment andAbuse of Female Athletes
Sandra L. Kirby, Lorraine Greaves and Olena Hankivsky

Taking Off the Gender Lens in Women’s Studies: Queering Violence Against Women
Janice Ristock

7. Representations

Out from Under Occupation: Transforming Our Relationships with Our Bodies
Carla Rice

“When is a Kitchen Not a Kitchen?”
Margaret Hobbs and Ruth Roach Pierson 

Mothering Mythology in the Late 20th Century: Science, Gender Lore and Celebratory Narrative
Pamela Courtenay Hall 

Gender, Youth and HIV Risk
Nikki Kumar, June Larkin and Claudia Mitchell 

Erasing Race: The Story of Reena
Virk Yasmin Jiwani

Does a Lesbian Need a Vagina Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle? Or, Would the “Real” Lesbian Please Stand Up!
Amber Dean

Model Athletes: Advertising Images of Women in Sport in Canada, 1950-2006
Jennifer Ellison 

8. Health

Women’s Occupational Health: Scientific Bias and Androcentric Studies
Karen Messing 

The Women’s Health Movement: Looking Back and Moving Forward
Madeline Boscoe, Gwynne Basen, Ghislaine Alleyne, Barbara Bourriere-LaCroix and Susan White

The Shattered Dreams of African-Canadian Nurses
Najja Nwofia Modibo 

“Quality Care is Like a Carton of Eggs”: Using a Gender-Based Diversity Analysis to Assess Quality of Health Care
Beth E. Jackson, Ann Pederson, Pat Armstrong, Madeline Boscoe, Barbara Clow, Karen R. Grant, Nancy Guberman and Kay Willson 

Racism, Sexism and Colonialism: The Impact on the Health of Aboriginal Women in Canada
Carrie Bourassa, Kim McKay-McNabb and Mary Hampton

Rural Women’s Health Issues in Canada: An Overview and Implications for Policy and Research
Beverly D. Leipert 

Life Interrupted: Reproductive Damage from Chemical Pollutants
Cynthia L. Cooper and Margie Kelly

9. Activism

Wench Radio: Funky Feminist Fury
Wench Radio Collective 

Tear Gas in Utero: Quebec City
Jenny Foster 

The Canadian Disabled Women’s Movement: From Where Have We Come?
Pat Israel and Fran Odette

Feminism, Peace, Human Rights and Human Security
Charlotte Bunch 

Building a Culture of Peace: An Interview with Muriel Duckworth and Betty Peterson
Evie Tastsoglou and Marie Ann Welton 

Violence and Poverty on the “Rock”: Can Feminists Make a Difference?
Glynis George

The Pictou Statement: A Feminist Statement on Guaranteed Livable Income
Lee Lakeman, Angela Miles and Linda Christiansen-Ruffman

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