Feminism(s) on the Edge of the Millennium: Rethinking Foundations and Future Debates


Edited by Krista Hunt and Christine Saulnier

166 Pages
March 01, 2001

Feminism(s) on the Edge of the Millennium: Rethinking Foundations and Future Debates showcases the work and contribution of graduate students to current feminist debates and the development of ‘new’ feminist theory.



Nuzhat Amin grew up in Pakistan, and immigrated to Canada in the mid-1970s. She is a former journalist. At present she is completing her Ph.D. at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto. Her doctoral work is on the connections among race, gender, language, and power.

Frances Beer is a Professor of English at Atkinson College, York Univeristy, Toronto, where she has taught since 1971. She has been associated with Canadian Woman Studies/les cahiers de la femme as Book Review Editor and Editorial Board Member since 1985. Her publications include work on medieval women mystics, and the juvenilia of Jane Austen and Charlotte Brontë.

Kathryn McPherson is an Associate Professor of History at York University and the Director of Undergraduate Programmes for York’s School of Women’s Studies. She is the author of Bedside Matters: The Transformation of Canadian Nursing, 1900-1990, and co-editor of Gendered Pasts: Historical Essays in Femininity and Masculinity in Canada.

Andrea Medovarski is completing a Ph.D. in English at York University, Toronto. Her work focuses on gender and body representation in Postcolonial and Victorian literatures.

Angela Miles teaches in the Adult Education and Community Development Programme at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto. She is a founder-member of the now dormant Feminist Party of Canada (fpc) and the still very much alive Antigonish Women’s Association (awa). She is active in the Canadian Women’s Studies Association (cwsa), the Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women (criaw), and Toronto Women for a Just and Healthy Planet. Her publications include a collection of Canadian feminist writing, Feminism: From Pressure to Politics (1989), and a monograph, Integrative Feminisms: Building Global Visions, 1960s-1990s.

Goli Rezai-Rashti is a teacher at the Faculty of Education at the University of Western Ontario. She is the author of a number of articles in the area of anti-racism and feminism. She is currently involved in research in the area of educational restructuring in the province of Ontario.


1. Debates/Perspectives on Feminism

Women¹s Studies: An Inclusive Concept for an Inclusive Field
Marion Lynn

Why Are You a Feminist?
Samantha Sacks 

Bridging North and South Notes Towards True Dialogue and Transformation
Juliana Makuchi Nfah-Abbenyi 

Towards an Integrative Ecofeminist Praxis
Tzeporah Berman

Sport, Capitalism, and Patriarchy
Cathy Bray 

Towards a Politics of Location: Rethinking Marginality
Joan Borsa

Black Women Writing, or How To Tell It Like It Is
Myriam Chancy

Queer Theory: Transgression or Regression?
Louise Turcotte

2. Histories

Our Mothers Grand and Great: Black Women of Nova Scotia
Sylvia Hamilton

The Ontario Medical College for Women, 1883-1906
Lykke de la Cour and Rose Sheinin

The Icelandic Connection: Freyjs and the Manitoba Woman Suffrage Movement
Mary Kinnear

Sewing Solidarity: The Eaton¹s Strike of 1912
Ruth Frager

The Convent: An Option for Québécoises, 1930-1950
Barbara Cooper

Women in Huron and Ojibwa Societies
Marlene Brant Castellano

Susan Dixon¹s Sampler: 1861 (Norton, NB)
Sandy Shreve

3. Work/Economy

Stabilization/Structural Adjustment/Restructuring: Canadian Feminist Issues in a Global Framework
Ana Isla, Angela Miles, and Sheila Molloy

The Global Kitchen: A Speech on the Value of Housework Debate
Judith Ramirez

The Feminization of Poverty: An Old Problem With a New Name
Lesley D. Harman

Servants of Colour: A Brief History of Racism in Immigration Politics Recruiting Domestics
Rina Cohen

Solidarity and Pride
Sue Genge

In Search of a More Complex Telling: Challenging the Dominant Story of the Forest Industry Priscilla Boucher

4. Public Policy

The Meaning of Equity
Gayle MacDonald

Multiculturalism Policy: A Terrain of Stuggle for Immigrant Women
Tania Das Gupta

Not Seen, Not Heard: Women and Housing Policy
Sylvia Novac

Aboriginal Women and the Constitutional Debates
Native Women’s Association of Canada

The Only Answer for Child Care
Jane Beach

Introducing the Feminine into the Body Politic
Anne Smart

Taking Them at Their Word: Canadian Government’s Accountability for Women’s Equality Barbara Roberts

5. Race/Class/Gender

The Boundaries of Identity at the Intersection of Race, Class and Gender
Didi Khayatt

Biting the Hand that Feeds Me: Notes on Privilege from a White Anti-Racist Feminist
Nancy Chater

Under Many Fires: The Lives of Refugee Women
Ana Maria Barrenechea

Racism and Sexism: The Dilemma of Working with Minority Female Students in Canadian High Schools
Goli Rezai-Rashti

Proletarianization, Professionalization, and Caribbean Immigrant Nurses
Karen Flynn

6. Violence/Harassment

Some Reflections on Violence Against Women
Radhika Coomaraswamy

Commemoration for the Montreal Massacre Victims
Ursula Franklin

Keeping Women in Our Place: Violence at Canadian Universities
Debbie Wise Harris

Pornography: What¹s Out There Now
Alison Kerr

Not in My Back Yard: Sexual Harassment and Abuse in Sport
Sandra Kirby

Bumps Along the Road: Survivors of Domestic Violence Share Their Workplace Experiences
E. Joy Mighty and Lori E. Leach

7. Media Stereotypes/Constructing Gender

Violence, Masculinity and Profit: A Look at the Mass-Entertainment Media
Varda Burstyn

Out from Under Occupation: Transforming Our Relationship with Our Bodies
Carla Rice

Mainstreaming Martina: Lesbian Visibility in the ’90s
Leila Armstrong

When is a Kitchen Not a Kitchen?
Margaret Hobbs and Ruth Roach Pierson

Mothering Mythology in the Late 20th Century: Science, Gender Lore, and Celebratory Narrative
Pamela Courtenay Hall

Penises, 1
Libby Scheier

8. Education

Gender, Culture, Power: Revisioning Northern Education
Shari Buchan and Ingrid Johnson

Negotiating Power in the Classroom: The Example of Group Work
Linda Briskin

Sexism and Racism in the University: Analyzing a Personal Experience
Roxana Ng

Introducing Jewish Feminist Thought in a Women¹s Studies Classroom
Deborah Yaffe

The Heterosexualization of the Ontario Woman Teacher in the Postwar Period
Sheila L. Cavanagh

The Citizen Scientist: What She Didn¹t Learn in School
Donna Smyth

If We Can¹t Get Equal We¹ll Get Even: A Transformative Model of Gender Equity
June Larkin and Pat Staton

9. Health

Women¹s Occupational Health: Scientific Bias in Andocentric Studies
Karen Messing

Lesbians and the Health Care System: Invisibility, Isolation, and Ignorance
Heather Ramsay

Public Policy That is Hazardous to Women¹s Health: Privatization of Long Term Care
Donna D. Haslam

New Reproductive Technology: My Personal and Political Dichotomy
Maria Barile

A History of Women and Smoking
Phyllis Jensen

Sylvia Legris

10. Religion/Spirituality

The Modern Movement for the Submission of Women
Kathleen Storrie

The Church of the Risen Elvis: Female Initiation Through Sacred Souvenirs
Anne Mandlsohn

Patriarchy and Godess Worship
Heather Ferguson and Fay Nadine

Judaism¹s View of Women
Elyse M. Goldstein

Rights of Women Within Islamic Countries
Riffat Hassan

New Dawn: New Creation
Philippa Schmiegelow

11. Women Writing: Ver/Visions of Family

The Origin of the Family
Dorothy Livesay

Mothers, Daughters, and Feminism Today: Empowerment, Agency, Narrative, and Motherline Andrea O’Reilly

Roslyn Schwartz

raising daughters
Sharon Singer

Christl Verduyn

Mother Daughter Photographs
Lynn Lifshin

How We Were: Growing Up as a Yukon First Nations Girl
Marilyn Jensen and Ida Calmegane

When I Was A Child
Shirley Williams

Judith Kalman

Between Sisters
Sandy Shreve

Kitch & Talk
Zara Suleman

The Family Tree
Margo Button


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