Confronting the Cuts: A Sourcebook for Women in Ontario


Edited by Luciana Ricciutelli, June Larkin and Eimear O’Neill

211 Pages
March 11, 1998

Confronting the Cuts examines the impacts of the dramatic spending cuts on women and their families across the province, as well as explores some of the ways women and women’s organizations have responded to the challenges presented by the current economic climate. The voices in this book come from those struggling at basic levels of subsistence and from those working in policy reform, human services and popular organizing. By exposing some of the myths in fiscal policy development and critiquing social policy reform, this book is an important resource tool for women and community groups interested in beginning the process of developing new and innovative strategies to deal with the effects of the cuts. For anyone seeking to understand current social policy reform and its impact on the lives of people everywhere, this book is a crucial sourcebook of policy critique, strategies, and personal narratives. This best-selling volume includes articles by Armine Yalnizian, Sunera Thobani, Martha Friendly, Kim Anderson and Cathy Crowe among many others.

Luciana Ricciutelli is the Editor of Canadian Woman Studies/les cahiers de la femme.

June Larkin is Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Toronto. She is coordinator of the Gendering Adolescent AIDS Prevention (GAAP) Project that brings together youth, community workers, policy makers, students and researchers in Canada and South Africa on projects that use participatory approaches to working with young people in relation to sexuality, HIV prevention and AIDS awareness.

With 30 years psychotherapy experience, 20 years as a community educator in anti-oppression work, and more than 10 years university level teaching in transformative learning, arts based research, and women’s knowledge of self transformation, ( www.tlc.oise.utoronto.ca ), Eimear O’Neill works out of a participatory worldview that centralizes deep democracy in relationships.


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