Benefiting Women?


Spring / Summer 2004

Volume: 23

Number: 3, 4


Table of Contents

by Pat Armstrong, Linda Christiansen-Ruffman, Doreen Demas, Sylvia Fuller, Lee Lakeman,
Angela Miles, Willi Nolan, Karen Pedersen, Laurell Ritchie, Lorina Serafico, Leah Vosko 3,5

Changing Economic World

Job Restructuring and Worker Displacement: Does Gender Matter?
by Susan Silver, Sue Wilson and J. M. Shields 7

Woman and/as Commodities: A Brief Meditation
by Nancy C. M. Hartsock 14

Why Privatization is a Women’s Issue
by Jane Stinson 18

Old News from the “New Economy”: Women’s Work in ICT
by Krista Scott-Dixon 23

The Myth(s) of Globalization: Gender Bias in “EI” Policy As as Case in Point
by Gaile McGregor 30

Workfare et judiciarisation: nouveau régime de regulation morale dans la vie des femmes assistées socials
par Jacinthe Michaud 41

The Social Union, Executive Power and Social Rights
by Barbara Cameron 49

Linking Violence and Poverty in the CASAC Report
by Lee Lakeman 57

Challenges for Organized Labour

Hidden in the Past: How Labour Relations Policy and Law Perpetuate Women’s Economic Inequality
by Anne Forrest 64

The Politics of Pay Equity in the B.C. Health Care System: The Role of Government, Multinational Corporations and Unions
by Marcy Cohen and Marjorie Griffin Cohen 72

Pay Equity in the Sky: The Case of Air Canada and Canadian Airlines
by Jan Kainer and Patricia McDermott 78

Still Chasing Pay Equity: Grievances by York University Faculty Women
by Joan Allen and Monica Mulvihill 84

The Struggle for Pay Equity on the Ground
by Judy Haiven 89

Pay Equity in Quebec: A Right Unknown to the Women Workers Who Need it Most
by Jennifer Beeman 96

Stamping Out Contingent Workers at Canada Post
by Marion Pollack 105

Living in a Changing Economy

Unpaid Workers: The Absence of Rights
by Marilyn Waring 109

Maternity/Parental Leave Provisions in Canada: We’ve Come a Long Way, But There’s Further to Go
by Jane Pulkingham and Tanya van der Gaag 116

Access to Health, Dental and Disability Benefits: The Experiences of Self-Employed Women
by Judy Bates 127

Exploited Employees of Exploited Entrepreneurial Agents? A Look at Erotic Dancers
by Suzanne Bouclin 132

The Social Policy Snare: Keeping Women Out of University
by Jennifer Nicole Hines 138

Re-thinking Workfare
by Lisa Carver 143

“Choosing” Non-Standard Work in Southern Alberta: A Qualitative Study
by Jane Barter Moulaison 146

Domestic Workers and Caregivers’s Rights: The Impact of Changes to B.C.’s
Employment Standard Regulations
by Cecilia Tumolva and Darla Tomeldan 153

Women’s Occupational Health in Social Services: Stress, Violence and Workload
by Donna Baines 157

Eight Hours, I Wish! My Life on the Family Farm
by Karen Pedersen 165

Resisting Economic Restructuring

Economic Globalization, Regionalization and Women’s Movement Organizing in Quebec
by Dominique Masson 170

Women, Social Assistance and the Supreme Court of Canada
by Natasha Kim and Tina Piper 175

Self-Employed Women: Policy Options That Promote Equality and Economic Opportunities
by Donna Lero, Denise L. Whitehead, Karen Korabik and Jennifer Rooney 184

Provisioning: Thinking About All of Women’s Work
by Sheila Neysmith, Marge Reitsma-Street, Stephanie Baker Collins and Elaine Porter 192

Guaranteed Annual Income: Is This What We Really Want?
by Jean Swanson 199

Why Women Would Gain From a Guaranteed Livable Income
by Cindy L’Hirondelle 201

Feminist Statement on Guaranteed Living Income
by Lee Lakeman, Linda Christiansen-Ruffman and Angela Miles 204


Kresge Kingston by JoanBond 40
Long Island City by Nan Bryne 40
make your self at home by R. Leigh Krafft 48
An Apartment Dweller’s Desire by JoanBond 62
Ellen Between the Lines by Anne Duke Judd 63
Something Like Raw Liver by A. Mary Murphy 71
Deciphering a Sheet by Alba Cruz-Hacker 71
In Our Hands by JoanBond 77
the unfound poem by R. Leigh Krafft 83
What the Swans Know by Nan Bryne 88
Love Poem (for Bobby) by Alison Pryer 95
Last Few Days Love Thee by Marlene Kadar 95
for want of you by R. Leigh Krafft 104
String Theory by Judith Grogan-Shorb 104
rhythm by R. Leigh Krafft 115
Pandora’s Boxes by Renee Norman 125
Alphonsine by Nan Bryne 137
Barbaric poem by Marlene Kadar 137
gustatorial Lea Littlewolfe 145
breakfast Lea Littlewolfe 156
Farm Wife Anne Duke Judd 164
Sliced Images: the red and brown frontera by Verónica Reye 168

Book Reviews

Cashing in on Pay Equity? Supermarket Restructuring and Gender Equality
reviewed by Isla Carmichael 207

Minding the Public Purse
reviewed by Robert Drummond 208

Welfare Hot Buttons: Women, Work and Social Policy Reform
reviewed by Brenda M. Elias 209

Equity in the Workplace: Gendering Workplace Policy Analysis
reviewed by Norene Pupo 210

Money in Their Own Name: The Feminist Voice in Poverty Debate in Canada, 1970-1995
reviewed by A. Jan Johnstone 211

Taxing Choices: The Intersection of Class, Gender, Parenthood and the Law
reviewed by Rosemary Morgan 212

Fleeing the House of Horrors: Women Who Have Left Abusive Partners
reviewed by Cheryl Gosselin 213

Women, Gender and Transnational Lives: Italian Workers of the World
reviewed by Pamela Sugiman 214

Writing Grief: Margaret Laurence and the Work of Mourning and Alien Heart: The Life of Margaret Laurence
reviewed by Shelagh Wilkinson 215

Ethel Wilson: A Critical Biography and Constance Lindsay Skinner: Writing on the Frontier
reviewed by Clara Thomas 217

She Who Changes: Re-Imaging the Divine in the World
reviewed by Johanna H. Stuckey 219

Domestic Devils: Battlefield Angels: The Radicalism of American Womanhood, 1830-1865
reviewed by Sherrill Cheda 220


About the Artwork

Front Cover
Wendy Lewington, “Small Change,” machine appliqué, machine quilting, stamping various fabrics, coins, dollar bill, found embroidery, 58″ x 53″, 1990. Photo: Brenda Hemsing

Back Cover
Wendy Lewington, “No Wife of Mine is Gonna Work,” machine appliqué, machine quilting using various fabrics, canvas backing, 46″ x 34″, 1987. Photo: Brenda Hemsing

Wendy Lewington is a quilt artist and teacher who has been creating original art quilts for 20 years. She is inspired by the work of contemporary and traditional quiltmakers, and employs a variety of techniques in her work. She currently lives and works in Mission, British Columbia. Contact her at [email protected]


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