Canadian Woman Studies An Introductory Reader, 3rd Edition


edited by Brenda Cranney and Sheila Molloy

636 Pages
July 31, 2015

Canadian Woman Studies: An Introductory Reader, 3rd Revised and Updated Edition, brings together articles on themes and topics at the forefront of feminist inquiry and research. Compiled of articles previously published in one of Canada’s oldest feminist journals, Canadian Woman Studies/les cahiers de la femme (cws/cf), it offers a unique and historical perspective of feminism as well as provides an excellent introduction to feminist thought in Canada.The book continues to highlight the diversity of perspectives, the multiplicity of voices, and the interdisciplinary approach on which Women/Gender Studies is based.

This volume has been revised and updated to consider some of the changes that we have witnessed in Canada and elsewhere in the world since the publication of the best-selling first edition in 1999, and second edition in 2006. Recognizing the growing significance of Canadian feminist scholarship, this revised and updated third edition aims to situate Canada within a broader, transnational context. Contents of the third edition, like the second edition, were determined through extensive consultations with university professors using the second edition in their classes. Articles consider the regional, urban, rural, linguistic, demographic and ethnic differences within the nation, as well as the ways women in Canada are impacted by various global factors. Sections include: Feminist Perspectives; Herstories; Work/Economy; Policy; Violence; Representation; Health; Activism and Resistance.




Brenda Cranney has a Ph.D. in in Sociology from York University and has worked extensively on a variety of women’s issues with numerous NGOs in Canada and India. A scholar, activist, and photographer, she continues to be active in a number of women’s organization and has taught at York University, George Brown and Humber College. She is the author of Local Environment and Lived Experience: The Mountain Women of Himachal Pradesh.

Sheila Molloy has been interested in international feminist issues for many years. She has been involved in women’s centres in her neighbourhood, and has a background in public and intergovernmental organizations in the area of education. She speaks and reads English and French, having worked in bilingual environments. She is a long-time supporter of women, a committed feminist and active member of Women for a Just and Healthy Planet.

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Preface by Andrea O’Reilly

Introduction by Brenda Cranney and Sheila Molloy

Section I: Feminist Perspectives

1 From Riot Grrrl to Radical: Reflections from a Working-Class Feminist by Gina Whitfield

2 Feminism & Multiculturalism in Quebec: An / Other Perspective by Dolores Chew

3 Gender-Based Analysis and Differing Worldviews by Cynthia D. Stirbys

4 Teaching Sexual Assault: The Education of Canadian Law Students by Rosemary Carins Way and Daphne Gilbert

5 Does Yes Mean Yes? Exploring Sexual Coercion in Normative Heterosexuality by Hedda Hakvåg

6 Alternative Altars: Beyond Patriarchy and Priesthood and Towards Inclusive Spirituality, Governance and Activism Among Catholic Women Religious in Ontario by Christine Gervais

7 Reclaiming Our Spirituality: A Pedagogical Tool for Feminism and Activism by Njoki Nathani Wane

Section II: Herstories

1 It’s Time for Change! The World March of Women 2000 by Pam Kapoor

2 Women’s Words: Power, Identity and Indigenous Sovereignty by Patricia A. Monture

3 Remaking Waves: The Québec Women’s Movement in the 1950s and1960s by Cheryl Gosselin

4 Troubling Herstory: Unsettling White Multiculturalism in Canadian Feminism by Mary-Jo Nadeau

5 “We’re Here, Standing at the Shoreline”: Sylvia Hamilton’s Intervention in the Nova Scotian Discourse of Belonging and Multicultural Citizenship by Sharon Morgan Beckford

6 “Los Desaparecidos”: The Madres of the Plaza de Mayo and the Reframing of the Victims by H. M. Fraser

7 What Women Need Now from Police and Prosecutors: 35 Years of Working to Improve the Police Response for Women Escaping Male Violence by Louisa Russell

8 Creating Trialogue: Women’s Constitutional Activism in Canada (or ACT) by Marilou McPhedran

9 The Canadian Disabled Women’s Movement: From Where Have We Come (possible to update) by Pat Israel and Fra Odette

Section III: Work/Economy

1 “With the Appropriate Qualifications”: Aboriginal People and Employment Equity by Patti Doyle-Bedwell

2 Organizing on the “Factory of Wheels”: The Bus Riders’ Union and Anti-Racist Feminism for the 21st Century by Fiona Jeffries

3 On Being A Feminist Farmer by Jennifer deGroot

4 Strangers in an Estranged World: Two Radical Feminists in the Academy by Geneviéve Pagé and Ève-Marie Lampron

5 Dueling for Dollars: Feminist Activism and Minimum Wage Coalition Politics by Joan Grace

Section IV: Policy

1 Women and the Canadian Legal System: Examining Situations of Hyper-Responsibility by CAEFS / NWAC

2 Welfare Policy: A Critical Site of Struggle for Women’s Safety by Janet Mosher and Pat Evans

3 Why Women Still Ain’t Satisfied: Politics and Activism in Canadian Child Care, 2006 by Martha Friendly

4 Arbitration and Family Laws: Muslim Women Campaign to Eliminate the Use of Religious Laws in Legally-Binding Arbitration by Alia Hogben

5 Consent and Coercion in the Law of Rape in South Africa: A Feminist Transformative Approach by Shereen W. Mills

6 Response to Canada’s Apology to Residential School Survivors by Beverley Jacobs

Section V: Violence

1 Commemoration for the Montreal Massacre Victims by Ursula Franklin

2 Breaking the Silence: Reclaiming Qur’anic Interpretations as a Tool for Empowerment and Liberatory Praxis for Dealing with Domestic Violence in Canadian Muslim Communities by Sabra Desai and Zehra Haffajee

3 Moving Beyond Rape as a “Weapon of War”: An Exploration of Militarized Masculinity and its Consequences by Caitlin Maxwell

4 Stolen Sisters: A Human Rights Response to Discrimination and Violence Against Indigenous Women in Canada by Amnesty International

5 Violence Against the Women of Juárez by María Guadalupe Morfín Otero

6 Homophobic Sexist Violence in Canada: Trends in the Experiences of Lesbian and Bisexual Women in Canada by Ellen Faulkner

Section VI: Representation

1 Erasing Race: The Story of Reena Virk by Yasmin Jiwani

2 Aiming for Better Than “Nobody Flinched”: Notes on Oppression in Cancer Care by Christine Sinding, Lisa Barnoff, Patti McGillicuddy, Pam Grassau, and Fran Odette

3 Simpering Outrage During an “Epidemic” of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome by Caroline L. Tait

4 The Role of Montréal’s Dykes on Mykes Radio Show by Marie-Clair MacPhee and Mél Hogan

5 Nunavut: Whose Homeland, Whose Voices? by Isabel Altamirano-Jiménez

6 N’tacinowin inna nah’: Our Coming In Stories by Alex Wilson

7 No Woman Left Covered: Unveiling and the Politics of Liberation in Multi/interculturalism by Tanisha Ramachandran

Section VII: Health

1 Feminist Perspectives on Breast Cancer, Environment Health and Primary Prevention: The Case for the Precautionary Principle by Dorothy Goldin Rosenberg

2 “It’s Your Body But…”:  Young Women’s Narratives of Refusing Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccination by Francesca Mancuso and Jessica Polzer

3 Traditional Healing and Spirituality among Grenadian Women: A Source of Resistance and Empowerment by Patsy Sutherland

4 Notokwe Opikiheet—“Old Lady Raised”: Aboriginal Women’s Reflections on Ethics and Methodologies in Health by Kim Anderson

Section VIII: Activism and Resistance

1 Wa(i)ving Solidarity: Feminist Activists Confronting Backlash by Victoria Bromley and Aalya Ahmad

2 Advocacy, Activism and Social Change for Women in Prison by Kim Pate

3 Out of Canada: The Pedagogy of Transnational Feminist Activism by Debbie Lunny

4 The Feminist Pacifist and Antimilitant Movement in Colombia: The Experience of la Ruta Pacífica de las Mujeres by Diana Maria Montealegre M.

5 ¡Escuche Las Krudas! Raw, Feminist Rap Music from Havana by Talia Wooldridge

6 Local Activism, Global Feminisms & the Struggle Against Globalization by Angela Miles



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