Under a Kabul Sky: Short Fiction by by Afghan Women

translated by Elaine Kennedy

Print: 978-1-77133-915-5
240 Pages
January 21, 2022

These twelve short stories dive deeply into the imaginary worlds of Afghan women, where everyday life is marked and marred by war. They speak of wounded love, capture, confinement, talismans, borders, and wolves. Contributing authors include Wasima Badghisi, Batool Haidari, Alia Ataee, Sedighe Kazemi, Khaleda Khorsand, Masouma Kawsari, Mariam Mahboob, Toorpekai Qayum, Manizha Bakhtari, Homeira Qaderi, Parween Pazhwak, and Homayra Rafat.

A native of Toronto, Elaine Kennedy studied English literature, French language, and translation in North America and Europe. She has worked as a translator in the academic and cultural sectors. The 2014 3Macs carte blanche Prize co-winner and a 2019 Toronto Book Award finalist, she presently focuses on literary translation.


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