Under a Kabul Sky: Short Fiction by Afghan Women


translated by Elaine Kennedy

Print: 978-1-77133-915-5
128 Pages
January 22, 2022

Finalist, 2022 International Book Awards – Multicultural Fiction

“It’s snowing hard, as if the entire sky is unloading onto the earth.”

In Kabul, nature is emotionally charged—the sky, the earth, the water. Demons have come to invade and possess people.

These twelve short stories dive deep into imaginary worlds where everyday life is marked and marred by war. They speak of wounded love, captured women, confinement, talismans, borders, wolves. They give expression to the voices of Afghan women who would like to change the fate of people like Nâzboo, Khorshid, Hamid and so many others.

Originally published by Éditions Le Soupirail in 2019, this collection was the first volume of short stories by Afghan women to appear in France. This edition from Inanna Publications brings these stories—and their unique perspectives—to English-speaking readers for the first time.

The collection includes stories by Wasima Badghisi, Batool Haidari, Alia Ataee, Sedighe Kazemi, Khaleda Khorsand, Masouma Kawsari, Mariam Mahboob, Toorpekai Qayum, Manizha Bakhtari, Homeira Qaderi, Parween Pazhwak and Homayra Rafat.

“When you finish Under a Kabul Sky, you’re haunted by the spellbinding sound of the wounded voices of these Afghan women.”
—Guillaume Richez, Les Imposteurs

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Under a Kabul Sky: Short Fiction by Afghan Women

A native of Toronto now living in Victoria, Elaine Kennedy studied English literature, French language and civilization, as well as translation in North America and Europe. She has worked as a translator and editor in numerous fields. Today, she focuses on literary translation.


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