The Story of My Life Ongoing, by C.S. Cobb

a novel by Candas Jane Dorsey

Print: 978-1-77133-867-7
180 Pages
November 17, 2021

Corey Cobb was born intersex, but because Corey’s father and stepmother didn’t make a big deal of it, it isn’t until Corey’s dad dies suddenly and Corey is back with a disapproving mother that making a gender choice becomes an issue. Corey is now legally old enough to refuse medical intervention—but not old enough to prevent “choosing not to choose” being considered by Corey’s mother to be a psychiatric problem. While in the youth psych ward, Corey meets Kim, diagnosed as anorexic, and together, the teens discover important, perhaps catastrophic, truths about each one’s past.

The Story of My Life Ongoing, by C.S. Cobb

Candas Jane Dorsey is an internationally-known, award-winning author of several novels, four poetry books; several anthologies edited/co-edited, and numerous published stories, poems, reviews, and critical essays. Her most recent fiction includes novels The Adventures of Isabel; What’s the Matter with Mary Jane?; and The Man Who Wasn’t There; and short fiction Vanilla and Other Stories and ICE and Other Stories. For fourteen years, she was the editor/publisher of the literary press, The Books Collective, including River Books and, for a time, Tesseract Books. She was founding president of SFCanada, and has been president of the Writers Guild of Alberta. She has received a variety of awards and honours for her books and short fiction, including most recently, the 2017 the WGA Golden Pen Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Literary Arts. She was inducted into the City of Edmonton Arts and Cultural Hall of Fame in 2019. She is also a community activist, advocate and leader who has served on many community boards and committees for working for neighbourhoods, heritage, social planning and human rights advocacy. She lives in Edmonton, Alberta.


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