Lesbian, Bisexual, Queer, Transsexual/Transgender Sexualities


Winter / Spring 2005

Volume: 24

Number: 2, 3

Table of Contents

by Marusya Bociurkiw, Bonnie Burstow, Cheryl Dobinson, Ruthann Lee, Andrea Medovarksi, Liz Millward, Sharon Rosenberg and Cy-Thea Sand 3,5

State Affairs

Queer Parenting in the New Millennium: Resisting Normal
by Rachel Epstein 7

Redrawing the Borders of the Nation: Gender, Race, Class and Same-Sex Marriage Discourse in Canada
by Jocelyn Thorpe 15

The Difference of Queer
by heather davis 23

Queering Heterosexual Spaces: Positive Space Campaigns Disrupting Campus Heteronormativity
by Allison Burgess 27

Regulated Narratives in Anti-Homophobia Education: Complications in
Coming Out Stories
by Gulzar Raisa Charania 31

Pour le dires Les services sociaux et les services de santé pour les lesbiennes
par Isabelle Mimeault 39

Lesbian Motherhood and Access to Reproductive Technology
by Joanna Harris 43

Why Do Children Do So Well in Lesbian Households? Research on Lesbian Parenting
by Deborah Foster 50

Vieillier en étant soi-mêmeŠ
par Line Chamberland et Johanne Paquin 57

Stumbling into Sexualities: International Discourse Discovers Dissident Desire
by Andil Gosine 59


Taking Off the Gender Lens in Women’s Studies: Queering Violence Against Women
by Janice Ristock 65

Rural Queers? The Loss of the Rural in Queer
by Lesley Marple 71

Playing Peter Pan: Conceptualizing ‘Bois’ in Contemporary Queer Theory
by Sarah Trimble 75

Reconsidering the Socio-Scientific Enterprise of Sexual Difference: The Case of Kimberley Nixon by Ajnesh Prasad 80

Neutral Pronouns: A Modest Proposal Whose Time Has Come
by Linda D. Wayne 85


Does a Lesbian Need a Vagina Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle? Or Would the “Real” Lesbian
Please Stand Up!
by Amber Dean 93

Queer Identities: Rupturing Identity Categories and Negotiating Meanings of Queer
by Wendy Peters 102

What One Femme Has Learned About Self-Identifying vs. Labelling Others
by Jess Carfagnini 108

Out, Creative and Questioning: Reflexive Self-Representations in Queer Youth Homepages
by Susan Driver 112

There Are No Boys Like Me
by Clara Ho 117

Better One’s Own Path: The Experience of Lesbian Grandmothers in Canada
by Serena Patterson 118

Two-Spirited Aboriginal People: Continuing Cultural Appropriation by Non-Aboriginal Society
by Michelle Cameron 123

Things Which Aren’t To Be Given Names: Afro-Caribbean and Diasporic Negotiations of Same Gender Desire and Sexual Relations
by Shana L. Calixte 128

“Hidden” Histories of African Homosexualities
by M. Epprecht 138

Reparative Therapies: A Contemporary Clear and Present Danger Across Minority Sex, Sexual and Gender Difference
by André P. Grace 145


Radical Queers: A Pop Culture Assessment of Montréal¹s Anti-Capitalist Ass Pirates, the Panthères roses, and Lesbians on Ecstasy
by Mélanie Hogan 154

Performing k.d. lang
by Robin Elliott 160

Strange Sisters and Boy Kings: Post-Queer Tranz-Gendered Bodies in Performance
by J. Bobby Noble 164

Erasing Queerness/Constraining Disability: Filmic Representations of Queers with Disabilities in Frida and Double the Trouble, Twice the Fun
by Shoshana Magnet 171

It’s Not About the Sex: Racialization and Queerness in Ellen and The Ellen De Generis Show
by Marusya Bociurkiw 176

Camping Out With the Lesbian National Parks and Services
by Sabine LeBel 182


submission by R. Leigh Krafft 14
Hybrid Clotheslines by Renee Norman 21
bloodletting by R. Leigh Krafft 21
Dworkin – L’envers de la nuit par Élaine Audet 22
Friend to Be by Raghab Nepal 30
Connecting by Cornelia C. Hornesty 37
untitled by Andrée Lachapelle 42
Why Trees Don’t Talk by Renee Norman 58
urchin by Alison Pryer 74
Farewell by Farideh de Bosset 84
aversion by R. Leigh Krafft 91
Salesman with Flowers by Cornelia C. Hornesty 107
My Children by Farideh de Bosset 116
The New Mothers by Karyna McGlynn 127
Unwritten by Joanna M. Weston 137
Curious Artifact by Cy-Thea Sand 153
For Elinor by Patience Wheatley 163
Jaan by Farah Mahrukh Coomi Shroff 175
Scraped Face by Cornelia C. Hornesty 185

Book Reviews

Masculinities Without Men? Female Masculinity in Twentieth-Centruy Fictions
reviewed by Aubrey Hanson with Kit Dobston 186

C’était du spectacle: L’historie des artistes transsexuelles à Montréal
reviewed by Jeanne Maranda 187

Sex is Not a Natural Act and Other Essays
reviewed by Melanie Beres 188

Feminist Politics, Activism and Vision: Local and Global Challenges
reviewed by Jennifer Sumner 188

Big Sister: How Extreme Feminism Has Betrayed the Fight for Sexual Equality
reviewed by Meg Nelson 190

Future Girl: Young Women in the Twenty-First Century
reviewed by Sherrill Cheda 191

Marian Engel: Life in Letters
reviewed by Clara Thomas 192

Jane Austen and the Theatre and Jane Austen’s “Outlandish Cousin”: The Life and Letters of Eliza de Feuillide
reviewed by M. Jane Batey 193

Mary Wollstonecraft and the Feminist Imagination and The Collected Letters of Mary Wollstonecraft
reviewed by Laura McLauchlan 194

Critical Chatter: Women and Human Rights in South East Asia
reviewed Alison G. Aggarwal 196


About the Artwork

Front Cover

Roberton, “Les Guérillères en farfelu,” goache, 20″ x 15″, 2005.

“Mon utopie des Guérillères” (my utopian vision of the Lesbian Warriors) is my tribute to the late Monique Wittig and represents the diversity of lesbian culture. It is a whimsical fantasy, a lesbian/queer/transgendered commune-retreat, where heated debates occur and where we create, dance, eat and swim naked‹a space outside enforced heterosexuality.

Roberton is a Toronto-based activist and artist who runs an art gallery specializing in historical Canadian painting, and teaches drawing and film animation to marginalized groups. She also paints portraits that reflect lesbian and queer life. Currently, she is working on an animated film, Lucky Few, about the experience of an immigrant Chinese butch coming of age in Toronto.


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