A True Story, by Sky Curtis

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November 01, 2010

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Doctored was written to help the many women who have been sexually abused by their doctors.

Doctored is a moving true story about the devastating impact of a doctor’s abuse of power. It is a first-person account of one woman’s steely determination to recover and to find justice. Many women go to their doctor for help with anxiety. A surprising number of these vulnerable women are sexually abused during the course of therapy. The consequences of this abuse are profound: they often lose their careers, friends, family, religion, and sanity. It takes a force of will to recover and then report the doctor in an arena where women rarely win.

At times hilarious, most often enraging, DOCTORED is a bold and important book that breaks through the protective barriers surrounding the medical profession.

“The pain we experience as abused women is painted in this book in poetry though multi-sensual layers, giving voice to something that has been silenced for far too long.”
—Rev. Rose Ann Vita, Toronto, Canada

“A compelling and inspiring memoir exposing the horrors of medical abuse. Sky Curtis deftly transforms a tale of personal anguish into a pursuit towards justice and ultimately into healing. Highly recommended!”
—Caroline Meyer, Naturopathic Doctor

“Funny … courageous … compelling. Everyone has something to learn from this book.”
—Barbara Burt, M.Ed., Psychotherapist

“This is a story about challenging the status quo, about hope.”
—Sue Garratt Elsey, Advocate

Sky Curtis is a former magazine writer, educational software designer, editor, playwright, columnist and children’s writer. She now writes fiction and non-fiction books for adults. She lives in Toronto with her family. Her most recent book, A Gut Reaction: A True Story About a Mother’s Fight to Save her Son’s Life and his Amazing Recovery from Crohn’s Disease was published by Inanna in July 2013.


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