Priya's World
a novel by Tara Nanayakkara

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318 Pages
September 01, 2012
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Priya's World a novel by Tara Nanayakkara

At twenty-five, kindergarten teacher Priya must accept the loss of her parents in a plane crash. Her grief plunges her into an eating disorder. While her friends recognize that she is crying out for help, Priya denies it all as she strives to make peace with Renita, her father's sister — a woman who appears chronically depressed and, unbeknownst to Priya, harbours a disturbing family secret. While Priya battles her inner demons, she finds herself choosing between two men: Trent Perelli, the handsome performing arts instructor she meets through a friend, and Gabe, compassionate and empowering—but with a past that causes the very mention of his name to rankle the nerves of Priya's maternal grandparents. Priya must find the strength to overcome the ravages of anorexia and the poisonous role that family secrets can play on more than one generation, as well as take bold steps to re-invent her life.


Priya's World

Tara Nanayakkara was born in Sri Lanka and immigrated to Canada with her family when she was three. She is the author of two novels, To Wish Upon A Rainbow (1989) and Picture Perfect (2007). A professional writer for the past thirty years, her writing has appeared in the Toronto Star, The Telegram and Canadian Living magazine, among others. A mother of two, she divides her time between Toronto and St. John's, Newfoundland.

Sri Lankan-Newfoundland author Tara Nanayakkara (interview)
A Sri Lankan-Newfoundland author draws on her own challenges in fitting in to craft a novel she calls "an old fashioned love story"
Weekend Arts Magazine, CBC Newfoundland - October 21, 2012


"This deft and moving evocation of a complex issue illuminates the suffering and torments of a fractured anorexic psyche. A compelling storyline and diverse range of intriguing characters makes Priya's World an intimately uplifting read."
—Lisa de Nikolits, author of The Hungry Mirror and West of Wawa

"In Priya's World, Tara Nanayakara explores issues of cultural dislocation with great wisdom and insight. The revelations are far from predictable yet in retrospect display a genuine understanding of how the past shapes our actions and outlooks. A fascinating read!"
—Paul Butler, author of Titanic Ashes



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