Nasreen Pejvack, author of “Amity” on the sham of war, women’s roles in the world, and a new agenda for peace.

“Woman, who dares to avow her horror of war, her pity for the victims, for all victims.”  (A passage from Marcelle Capy; 1916)

A hundred years ago was the sham and charade of our planet seen in WWI.  Since then, equally barbarous conflicts such as WWII had their day.  And here we are today as nonstop wars for profits take more victims, displace people; still no peace thus far.  The peace they often offer is through more wars, whatever that means!?

The warmongers desire to gain more control, more power, and more resources; imposing wars of all kinds for revenue, or for religious/ethnic revenge; they have swayed us and moved us from the dawn of recorded history.

I think we’re done clamouring for wars for peace.  Is it so hard to see how silly this sentiment is?  “Wars for peace?”  Let’s just call them what they are – wars for control, then for plunder or income. 

Another war with faster and more advanced weapons only brings more war.  I am sure we all are following the news in regards to advanced satellites and drones scanning the heart of every country under the name of “National Security,” and watching the daily lives of people; whomever they think are engaged in suspicious activities.  What is the result?  More war!!

These are boy’s wars, and we women have been sitting back long enough, doing nothing to stop them; only cleaning up after them with our blood, our children’s blood, our homes, our children’s homes, and our livelihood.   

We have had to fight for our rights for the past centuries — for votes, for abortions, for the right to custody of our children after a divorce, for equal wages, and much more.  Let’s fight for another right; a right to peace.  Why don’t we begin a new battle to put an end to these “wars for peace” shenanigans?  Hundreds of thousands of women and children are emerging from the sea and arriving at many borders asking for a safe and peaceful life.  Why are they there?  I have personally not seen enough effort applied to ending wars, so that people can stay in their own homes and live peacefully on their own lands, just as we do in western world.

A dreadful sight I saw recently was a debate about finding high-end Canadian arms in the hands of Yemeni terrorists.  The most interesting part of this discussion was when one said, “Why do we even have weapons manufacturing?”  And the reply, “But if we close those factories, then people lose their jobs!”  I sat in awe listening to this mockery.  They were discussing the importance of people not losing their jobs, even if those jobs provide machines to kill others.  Is that OK?  I wasn’t really aware that Canada manufactured such weapons, and one may say, “It is for the protection of the nation!”  Again, I, as a woman of peace, say firmly that we do not need weapons to protect our nation; we need education for all of humanity to foster respect and peace, with no prejudice and discrimination.

We women have long been waiting for a peaceful world; and ironically all kinds of wars have become the foundation of providing peace and liberty for some nations.  But governments are only working on security for elites in generating wealth, first among themselves and their own advantage, and secondarily for keeping the masses busy with pining for their products, and focused on their hobbies and entertainments, and then always too worried about monthly payments to pay any attention to what is being done to their world.

Perhaps some women have been dissolved into these superficial societies; however, I am sure the majority of us want peace, healthy air and food, as well as quality education for our children. 

I am sure many of us do not see any possibilities for changing the current setup with the way our world has been governed.  Maybe many foresee the end of civilization; though I am not that pessimistic. I believe strongly in women’s instincts and protective nature; their absolutely organized and caring minds, representing the best thinkers of humanity.  

Perhaps the Women should take over. Should we? 

Will our boys act concerned, or betray our trust in them?  Until now they have only kept us back and governed our only one world with never-ending conflicts and grabbing whatever they want at will. 

I believe if we want to have a peaceful world we must be more proactive in every channel of our societies, and we must take more responsibility.  Let’s put our much smarter heads together, and plan, organize and march for the sake all humanity, and for our only home and all its creatures.  To construct peace we must have logical and serious discussions with no prejudice and with everyone at the table. 

I am not talking about utopian dreams… I am simply saying enough is enough guys!

– Nasreen Pejvack, author of Amity (Inanna, 2015)