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May 8: Mothers’ Day (not Mother’s Day) Don’t believe (or buy into) the hype.

In May (1858) Anne Marie Reeves Jarvis started “Mother’s Friendship Day” as a way to improve sanitation after the Civil War. In 1907, her daughter Anna Jarvis proposed a day to honor mothers and their anti-war organizing efforts. After years of trying to gain recognition and observance for Mothers' Day (all mothers), it was unceremoniously […]

May 5 – Author Reading @ Argo Bookshop – Ilona Martonfi


Ilona Martonfi (series curator), author of Salt Bride reads at Argo Bookshop Reading Series: Verse, Prose & Song Thursday (with Kelly Norah Drukker, Rana Bose, Cora Siré, Barbara Lewis, Greg Santos, Jody Freeman, Zsolt Alapi). Hosted by Adele-Elise Prevost & Moti Lieberman. Presented with the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts and […]