A Tilt
poems by Farideh de Bossett

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April 01, 2012
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A Tilt poems by Farideh de Bossett

The poet's many years as a practicing psychiatrist has given her the opportunity to look at, and experience, life with an acute intensity of joy and pain. Farideh de Bosset's poetic and cultural roots go back to Iran, where she was born. "Poetry was a part of everyday life for me," explains de Bosset, "while growing up in Iran, it was the language of our household. My parents often communicated by reciting poetry, one starting a line, the other continuing."

Each poem in this debut collection records the events of a woman's everyday life, as well as the poet's experiences of talking to, and healing with, patients, and friends and family, as well as the impact of literature and art, the countries she's lived in and visited, and, of course, her dreams and her understanding of those dreams on her work, her creation of art, and her life.

The title, A Tilt, refers to life being lived on a fine balance, or a tilt, and this experience is intensified as an immigrant. de Bosset says, "An immigrant is always between two languages, two cultures, like living on a "tilt" and being in danger of falling."

Aware of the everyday juggling between different structures of the psyche and the external world in each and every one of us contributes to the poet's awe and admiration for the enduring nature of the human spirit.

A Tilt

Farideh de Bosset was born in Tehran, Iran, where poetry is part of everyday life and conversation. At the age of 18, she moved to Switzerland to study medicine. She obtained her medical degree in 1971. She interned in Quebec and then moved to Toronto in 1972 for her residency. She received her fellowship in Psychiatry in 1976, and was a staff psychiatrist and assistant professor in psychiatry at the University of Toronto until 1991, when she established her private practice. Her poetry has been published in a number of literary journals across Canada. She lives and writes in Toronto.

"It is a compelling first book. A voice of a poet with lyrical impulse."
—Rosemary Sullivan, author of Shadow Maker: The Life of Gwendolyn MacEwen and The Red Shoes: Margaret Atwood Starting Out

"Farideh de Bosset is not only a 'new Canadian' poet, she is an enticing voice of insight and inspiration.… She elevates all minds and spirits, as she redefines her relationship with the material world."
— Ken Mitchell, author of Wandering Rafferty, The Meadowlark Connection: A Saskatchewan Thriller and The Con Man


Verse Afire
Reviewed by Katerina Fretwell

"De Bosset's astonishing first poetry book lodges in the reader's heart and soul, nestling ever deeper and truer with each immersion. The dailiness of our lives achieves a luminosity rarely seen in poetry today. In a world increasingly a tilt, De Bosset's close observations of crows, fathers, poetry, new moons, death, dreams, doubt, aging ... render our struggles through a bold gaze and direct lyricism and in so doing, redeem us.

As a psychiatrist, the poet knows acutely, intensely, our hidden motives, dreams, delights and sorrows. Her sly turns of phrase and thought, often voiced in the second person you, engage us in our own sojourns. For example: "Tune into that rage,/ envy,/ the evil-eye,/ power of destruction// Listen to yourself/ ... it may already be doing its job." (Envy, 37). Another example: the dreaded/ heart-squeezing uncertainty,/ ... opening the spirit like a fiddlehead/ unfurls into the sky.// But certainty,/ ... limits and shrinks/ the air into a bottle." (Doubt, 40). This poem deftly suggests the spiritual discipline of being in our "negative capability" open to multiple viewpoints and slyly implies the suffocating and possibly addiction-prone stance of certitude. Keats couldn't have said it better himself.

A Tilt is beautifully presented by Inanna, eloquently written, and graced with an arresting cover artwork, a translucent tilting nude in a monochromatic seascape, by Elizabeth Macdonald."

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