Singing Me Home


poems by Carol Lipszyc

134 Pages
November 01, 2010

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Singing Me Home is a collection of lyrical and narrative poems which take the reader through an autobiographical journey and which feature facets of self as memoirist, teacher, musician, daughter of survivors of the Shoah.


Carol Lipszyc‘s esl/Literacy Reader, People Express, was published by Oxford University Press in 1996. Select poems, prose, and book reviews have been published in Parchment, Midstream, English Quarterly, and Canadian Woman Studies/les cahiers de la femme. Educational articles have appeared in The Quest For Meaning: Narratives of Teaching, Learning and the Arts (Sense Publishers) and The Camp Narratives of Internment and Exclusion (Cambridge Scholars). Carol is currently an Assistant Professor at the State University of New York (suny), Plattsburgh, teaching English Teacher Education and Creative Writing.

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  1. InannaWebmaster

    “The vibrant, memorable images that thread through Carol Lipszyc’s moving collection would in themselves be enough to make Singing Me Home worth reading and re-reading… Infused with the awareness that the resources of poetry are “poor intermediaries” between us and an often hostile and indecipherable world, Lipszyc’s poems nevertheless use those resources – what else do we have? – to come to terms with the deepest mysteries of life, both its appalling tragedies and its sudden, almost-redemptive joys. Like the hum of the dashboard heater in her father’s red Pontiac, singing her home from Hebrew School, Lipszyc’s poems sing us home, to the heart of our shared humanity.”
    —John Reibetanz, award-winning poet and critic

    “Singing Me Home is a hymn of praise to memory, to witness, and to those mysterious elements of the past, both individual and collective, that live on inside us. Alternately solemn and playful, mournful and joyous, it speaks clearly and eloquently to the deepest wells of our own ever-strange, ever-wondrous lives.”
    —Mark Freeman, author of Rewriting the Self: History, Memory, Narrative

    “A compelling debut collection of poetry. Well-crafted poems of keen observation and deep feeling.”
    —Miriam Kotzin, author of the upcoming, Taking Stock

    “Carol Lipszyc bears witness to her Jewish heritage, to nature, myth and the power of language in her striking and honest poetry.”
    —Kate Marshall Flaherty, winner of the Great Canadian Poetry Prize

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