Latin American Women


Fall 2008 / Winter 2009

Volume: 27

Number: 1


Table of Contents

Ana Isla, Romina Maggi, Sheila Molloy and Viviana Patroni 3, 5, 6

(Re)Construction of Memory (and Motherhood)
The Milk of Sorrow: A Theory on the Violence of Memory by Kimberly Theidon 8
Siblings of the Disappeared in Argentina: A Contribution to the (Re)Construction
of Memory by Ruth Teubal, Cristina Bettanin, Florencia Fiorda, Marcelo Giménez, María
Laura Rodríguez and Clarisa Veiga
Vilified and Prohibited Memories: The Making of a Gendered and Racialized
National-Transnational Enemy by Egla Martinez 23
Re-Telling the Story of Madres and Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo in Argentina: Lessons on
Constructing Democracy and Reconstructing Memory by Ana Laura Pauchulo 29
“Los Desaparecidos”: The Madres of the Plaza de Mayo and the Reframing of the
Victims by H. M. Fraser 36
Peruvian Truth and Reconciliation Commission: A Summary of the Final Report and
an Epilogue by Ana Isla 40
Violence Against the Women of Juárez by María Guadalupe Morfín Otero 45

Feminist Movement and Transnational Fieldwork
The Feminist Pacifist and Antimilitarist Movement in Colombia: The Experience of
la Ruta Pacífica de las Mujeres by Diana Maria Montealegre M. 52
Le féminisme en Amérique centrale: L’exemple du Nicaragua à la fin du xxe siècle
par Sophie M. Lavoie 58
Women, Policy Developement and the Evolving Health Frame in Cuba
by Candace Johnson
Transnational Homework: Home Turned Fieldsite by Anna Belinda Sandoval Girón 69
¡Escuche Las Krudas! Raw, Feminst Rap Music from Havana, Cuba by Talia Wooldridge 74
The Evolution of Union Women’s Activism in Mexico City after Structural Adjustment by Rachel K. Brickner 82

Ecofeminism and Reproductive Rights
Canadian Mining in Latin America: Corporate Social Responsibility and Women’s
Testimonies by Glevys Rondon 89
Negotiating Livelihoods: Women, Mining and Water Resources in Peru by Fabiana Li 97
Mazahuan Women Members of the Zapatista Movement for the Defence of Water:
A Testimony by Verónica Vázquez García and Diana Lahoz Gómez 103
Pedagogies of Resistance: Community-Based Education for Women’s Participation in
Watershed Management in São Paulo, Brazil by Patricia E. (Ellie) Perkins 107
Limitations of Advocacy and Exceptions to the Criminal Law in Brazil: The Struggle for Reproductive and Sexual Health Rights by Keri Bennett 112
Advancing Women’s Sexual Health and Reproductive Rights in Argentina: Challenges to
Implementing International Law by Gloria Bonder, Marjan Radjavi and Carlota Ramirez 121

Diaspora and Social Activism
Latin American Women’s Organizing in Canada: An Introduction to mujer and its
Leadership Training for Young Latinas by Lorena M. Gajardo 132
Salvadorian Women’s Diaspora: Ana Rivera’s Story by Mirna E. Carranza with Ana Rivera 140
“We Were Different Then”: Indigenous Women in Rural Guatemal and the “War Widow”
Category by Rachel O’Donnell 145
Latin American Women Breaking Isolation and Building Alternatives Spaces for Participation by Paula Hevia 149
Women in Higher Education in Argentina: Equality or Job Feminization?
by Eugenia Perona 155
El Salvador in the Age of Globalization: Discerning Violence, Manifesting Peace by Marta Benavides 161

Every Thursday at 3pm by A. Kaiser 16
January by Kay R. Eginton 22
This Side of the Gate by Angela Belcastro 28
Undo by Patience Wheatley 35
Train by Carolyne Van Der Meer 39
Days by Itzela Sosa 49
Poems to read in the rain by Emma Ari Beltrán 50
Towards Light by Patience Wheatley 57
Remembered by Lisa Shatzky 102
Puss in Boots by Ronnie R. Brown 120
The summer of fourteen by Farideh de Bossett 129
Where the Poem Comes From /by Lisa Shatzky 130
Poets are Odd by Patience Wheatley 130
Inside/out by Angela Belcastro 139
Anacrusis by Priscila Uppal/ 139
Demeter, Drowning, Remembers a Lover of her youth by Susan McCaslin 144
Free Associations on rumpelstiltskin by Ronnie R. Brown 160

Book Reviews
Sex in Revolution: Gender, Politics and Power in Modern Mexico reviewed by
Cristina Santos
La explotación sexual comercial de niñas, niños, y adolescentes. Una aproximación sociológica, 2 ed. reviewed by Marinette Briard González 165
Women’s Health Collection #11”: Your Body, Your Health, Your Choice reviewed by May
Killing Women: The Visual Culture of Gender and Violence reviewed by Kathryn Travis 167
Judith Butler: From Norms to Politics reviewed by Kristine Klement 168
Stone Sightings reviewed by Ruth Panofsky 168
My Grandmother’s Hair reviewed by Majero Bouman169
Gravity Matters reviewed by Carolyne Van Der Meer 171
American Bloomsbury: Louisa May Alcott, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Margaret Fuller,
Nathaniel Hawthorne and Henry David Thoreau: Their Lives, Their Loves, Their Work reviewed by Gisela Argyle 173
Sisters in Two Worlds: A Visual Biography of Susanna Moodie and Catharine Parr Traill reviewed by Alison Norman 174
A Literary History of Women’s Writing in Britain, 1660-1789 reviewed by Judith Anderson Stuart 175
Through Lover’s Lane: L. M. Montgomery’s Photography and Visual Imagination
reviewed by Rachel Hurst 176
Misconceptions: Unmarried Motherhood and the Ontario Children of Unmarried Parents
Act, 1921-1969 reviewed by Emma Posca 177


About the Artwork

Front Cover
“Women’s Front Defending Mother Earth demand freedom for those in jail or battling in court, January 19, 2009.” Photo courtesy of Coordinadora Nacional en Defensa de la Vida y la Soberania (National Coordinaton for the Defence of Life and Sovereignty).

Back Cover
“Brazil, 2009.” Photo: Xochitl Rubio


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