Stained With the Colours of Sunday Morning
poems by Rayanne Haines

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May 01, 2018
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Stained With the Colours of Sunday Morning poems by Rayanne Haines

Isabella Caro, born in Florence at the de-occupation of Italy in WW2 is a woman shaped by the resilience of her country and a thirst for knowledge.

In this fictional Novel-in-Verse we take a journey through one woman’s life, told from the perspective of three characters: Isabella, her daughter Alina and her granddaughter Georgia. Three voices weave through a lifetime in and out of harmony as they tell us a story of innocence, feminism, intellect, motherhood, immigration, understanding and loss. Ancient mythology is weaved through the poems and the character's voices ring with the echoes of the maiden, the mother and the crone.

This is the story of a feminist and scholar and the story of mothers and daughters that takes us from 1944 Italy to the the Prairies in 2014. We meet Isabella as a child and follow her story as she marries, suffers from postpartum depression, immigrates to Canada, struggles to connect with her teen daughter, takes on the care of her grandchild and finds peace in old love. In poems both blunt and confessional a woman’s story is revealed, page by page.

This debut collection by Rayanne Haines is a creative threading of perspectives and memories about the fictional life of Isabella Caro, by three women who are fictional and yet remarkably real.

Rayanne Haines is the executive director of the Edmonton Poetry Festival. In 2017, she was shortlisted for Edmonton Poet Laureate and a Mayors Award for Arts Management. She has had the immense privilege of performing her fiction and poetry for diverse audiences from youth to business professional, for various reading series, conferences, and festivals. She has been published in anthologies, magazines, and online. Her poetry has been used as the text for the National Youth Choir of Canada, as well as recorded for a United Kingdom, talking newspaper for the Blind. She’s had work published in Canada, the USA, and the UK. Stained with the Colours of Sunday Morning is her first full-length poetry collection. She lives in Edmonton.

How to Tell Heart StoriesGeorgia

     Mia Nonna taught me how to fall in love.
     She taught me to tell heart stories.

     My Grandmother’s life was a song.
     Her music made men weep as she passed.
     Her story written in 10,000 steps
     on the streets of Firenze, floating naked
     in the Black Sea, painting her skin
     with the spices of Bombai, drinking
     red wine from the bottle in Paris.

     Vero Amore, she would say,
     dances in the street in the evening air,
     forgives with the rise and fall of the moon.

     Vero Amore, she would say,
     are fingers covered in flour, a tattered apron,
     the kiss of cherries on your child’s chin.

     My Grandmother’s hair hung to her waist.
     Grandfather would pause to inhale whenever
     she was close. Stand bewitched.

     Even then, when their love had aged,
     his fingers would curl with the memory
     of getting lost in the scent. Her hair
     smelled like cinnamon and the coffee cake
     she baked every Sunday morning.

     Adorare Vita Bambina she would say,
     as she kneaded the dough.
     This is love.

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