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May 01, 2018
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Hiraeth poems by Carol Rose Daniels

Hiraeth is about women supporting and lending strength and clarity to other women so they know that moving forward is always possible— and always necessary. It documents a journey of struggle that pertains to a dark point in Canadian history that few talk about and of which even fewer seem aware. Poems speak to the 1960's "scoop up" of children and how this affected the lives of (one or thousands) of First Nations and Métis girls— girls who later grew to be women with questions, women with wounds, women who felt like they had no place to call home. That is, until they allowed themselves to be open to the courage others have lived and shared. "Hiraeth" is a word that is Celtic in origin and it means looking for a place to belong that never existed. But this place does exist — in the heart.

Carol Rose Daniels is Cree and Chipewyan with roots in Sandy Bay, northern Saskatchewan. She is a published novelist, poet, playwright, visual artist, and musician. She is the author of the award-winning novel Bearskin Diary (2015). A second novel, Narrows of Fear, is forthcoming in 2018. As a visual artist, her work has been exhibited in art galleries across Saskatchewan and Northern Canada. As a musician, a CD of women’s drum songs, in which Carol is featured, was recently nominated for a Prairie Music Award. Before pursuing her art on a full-time basis, Carol worked as a journalist for more than 30 years in television and radio at APTN, CTV, and CBC. She lives in Regina.

Filthy Cloak

forced to wear this filthy cloak
burdens each day
of childhood

made of velcro
lies stick like flies
names singe the soul
to be brown

Times change
so do hearts
as fear wanes
and pride gains

Time has allowed me
to now disrobe
in public
and force the shame back where it came from

you wear this filthy thing in public
your ideas
always filled with
the blackness of this robe

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