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Violence Against University and College Women:
Local and Global Manifestations, Shared Experiences, and Prevention Practices
Vol. 33, Nos. 1/2

Deadline: April 30, 2017

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Universities need to be safe places in order for all learners to thrive.  However, this is not the case for university and college women in many countries around the world, who experience sexual violence including rape, sexual coercion, sexual harassment, unwanted sexual contact, and stalking. Yet research on the scope, causes, and prevention of sexual violence against university and college women in most countries remains sporadic, underdeveloped, or nonexistent. Current research has also failed to examine the issue across local and national contexts in order to clarify shared experiences, common root causes, and best practices. Knowledge of the manifestations of the issue in institutions of higher education in countries in the Global South is especially lacking. In this special edition of the Canadian Woman Studies/les cahiers de la femme (CWS/cf), we invite contributions that explore critically the various aspects of the issue. The editors seek especially contributions located in countries in the Global South as well as studies utilizing various research methodologies and theoretical frameworks across the social sciences and the humanities.

Possible Topics include:

•How does the issue manifest itself in specific universities and locales?

•How do women experience violence in spaces of higher education? How are these experiences and their effects shaped by individual and broader historical formations related to race, class, sexuality, religion, and other difference?

•What are local, national and international root causes for violence against university and college women?

•How have women on campuses responded to violence?

•How have university and college administrators and counsellors responded (or not) to the issue? 

•What structures and policies addressing the issue are in place at campuses? Are these policies effective?

•Whose and what knowledge, experience and worldviews inform the design of intervention and prevention programs?

•What help is available to support victims of violence on campuses?

•What are local understandings, framing and meaning making related to “sexual violence” and “university/college woman?” 

•Is there a relation between space and violence on campuses?

Your ideas for additional topics are welcome.

Invited are articles, research reports, oral histories, alternative forms of narration, poetry, drawings, and other art works that illuminate these issues.

 DEADLINE: April 30, 2017

Articles should be typed, double-spaced, and a maximum of 16 pages long (4000 words). A short (50-word) abstract of the article and a brief biographical note must accompany each submission. Please send a hard copy of your manuscript as well as emailing a copy. We give preference to previously unpublished material. If possible, please submit graphics or photographs to accompany your article. Please note CWS/cf reserves the right to edit manuscripts with respect to length and clarity, and in conformity with our house-style. To encourage use of the material published, CWS/cf has granted electronic rights to Gale Group, Micromedia Proquest and the H. W. Wilson. Any royalties received will be used by CWS/cf to assist the publication in disseminating its message.

Write or call as soon as possible indicating your intention to submit your work.

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