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April 01, 2009
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Welcoming poems by Andrea Nicki

The poems included in this book explore many key contemporary issues, such as the relationship between the sexes; violence against girls and women; sexuality and gender identity; religion and spirituality; mental health and psychiatry; work, meaning, and exploitation; and poverty and homelessness. The poet’s feminist philosophy background results in the intricate and sophisticated presentation of ideas. The writing is by turns innovative, playful, humorous, and visual, and engages readers in a number of ways. 

"Andrea Nicki’s work demonstrates the confrontations of the natural spirit in a ravaged patriarchal world. Her poems are bold, often stark, at times refreshingly playful and at others shockingly real. Her eyes seek out the nuances of colour in the Alaskan darkness as well as the grief thundering in a disenfranchised heart. Rich and unique, earthy and spiritual, Nicki’s voice is one that won't go unnoticed." 
Madeline Sonik, author of the poetry collection Stone Sightings, and Fiction Arms and Drying the Bones 

"Andrea Nicki's book, Welcoming, is a generous invitation to find a place of sustenance and rest amid the wilderness. She explores the wilderness under the Alaskan skies, but also the wilderness of contemporary North American culture, of work and roles and identity. Journeying through the oppressive, patriarchal constructs of work, religion, and sexual and gender identity, Nicki forges a path all her own, busting down boundaries (including linguistic and stylistic ones) and invites us as guests and friends to join her in a celebration of an authentic self. She sings as Whitman sang, turning a song of myself into a shamanic invocation of welcoming the self and us with her." 
Heather Derr-Smith, author of Each End of the World and The Bride Minaret 

"I love reading Welcoming. Andrea Nicki has a compelling vocal eye that sees from outside of herself; she becomes nature, history, landscape of animal emotion, talking to us."
Judy Grahn, Women’s Spirituality and Arts teacher, author of two new collections, love belongs to those who do the feeling, and The Judy Grahn Reader.

Andrea Nicki grew up in New Brunswick. From an early age she loved writing poetry, singing, and painting. While pursuing her doctorate degree in philosophy at Queen’s University, she always found time for reading poetry and writing poems. Her poetry took on a narrative style while doing healing work around childhood trauma, and while doing postdoctoral work at the Center for Bioethics at the University of Minnesota. Many of her essays have been published in magazines, scholarly journals, and anthologies, such as Off Our Backs, Hypatia, and Women Writing the Body: Stories of Healing. Demeter Press published a second volume of her poetry in 2012. Her poetry has been published in Canadian and American journals and anthologies such as RampikeStories of Illness and Healing: Women Write Their Bodies (Kent State University Press, Ohio), Women and Environments, Eco Poetry 2009, Philosophy Now, The Brock ReviewThe Goose, Magnolia: A Journal of Women's Literature II (Michigan), Wordgathering: A Journal on Disability and  Literature, Return to the Mago, Understorey Magazine, and Crone Magazine. She currently lives in Vancouver and teaches poetry workshops and classes in professional ethics.

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