September 08, 2015 at 2:03 PM


September 08, 2015 at 2:03 PM


I recently had another birthday. Let’s just say that I am old enough to remember when as kids we got a quarter for an allowance, which was considered liberal, and when a pair of nylons for young girls and women came as a set of two with a seam down the backs. But today I go to strenuous fitness and world dance classes (the dance vocabulary from Africa, the Middle East and South America), take aquafit and learn ballroom dancing; I dress well, travel, have a large circle of friends and a rich family life; am computer literate, engage in an interesting intellectual and cultural life and take an active interest in politics; I have had careers in music, teaching, writing, and my story collection Aspects of Nature is about to be published by Inanna in the Spring of 2016. My husband has a similar lifestyle.

One day my husband and I were crossing a wide street in downtown Toronto. We had parked our car directly across from our destination and, admittedly, were jay walking in the middle of the block. The only traffic coming was one car and a bicyclist, both from a comfortable distance away and coming toward us from the same direction. We were only a few steps from reaching the curb when the car began getting close enough to pass, with the cyclist not far behind. As the biker sped by, he shouted, “F*&#%@' old people!

Have a great day. 

- Rhoda Rabinowitz Green, author of Aspects of Nature (2016)

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