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Dear Professor,

I am writing to highlight Inanna Publications' women’s and gender studies list and several new titles appropriate for your classes.

As you browse our books, we hope you will find a multiplicity of voices that tell truths of women’s experiences in the world and explore the broad spectrum and endless diversity of women’s lives. 

I think you will find that many of our books are well suited to your program and teaching.

Please consider requesting complimentary examination copies of these titles for possible use in your upcoming courses, share this email with colleagues where appropriate, and be sure to visit our website for our full catalogue of creative work, research, and activism.

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New Titles Spotlight:

Mother Earth Under Threat: Ecofeminism, the Land Question, and Geoengineering edited by Ana Isla & Claudia von Werlhof (December 2017)

*This volume re-examines existing analyses of land and geoengineering from a new and much broader point of view in theory and reality, and points to the need for a new concept of nature and the earth as a living being, a cosmic being, so that it is the life of the earth herself that today must be protected.


The Maternal Roots of the Gift Economy edited by Genevieve Vaughan (December 2017) 

*This book explores many aspects of the gift paradigm from a variety of points of view, taking into account theory and practice, activism and spirituality, as well as the experience of Indigenous societies North and South where maternal values are still at the centre for both women and men.


Uncommitted Crimes: The Defiance of the Artistic Imagi/nation by Tara Atluri (December 2017)

*Uncommitted Crimes reflects on a new generation of artists whose creative praxis, sensibilities, influences, and frames of reference derive from multiple national, religious, and cultural genealogies, and an ambivalent relationship to Western and European nationalisms. Courageously, these racialized, Indigenous, and migrant artists straddle the divides of many categories of identity in regards to gender, sexuality, and 'race.' Their art challenges the silently imbibed worship of whiteness, heteronormative patriarchies, and colonial settler ideologies of "home."


Writing Menopause: An Anthology of Fiction, Poetry and Creative Non-fiction edited by Jane Cawthorne & E.D. Morin (May 2017)

*The Writing Menopause literary anthology is a diverse and robust collection about menopause: a highly charged and often undervalued transformation. It includes over fifty works of fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, interviews and cross-genre pieces from contributors across Canada and the United States that break new ground in portraying menopause in literature.

A Romani Women's Anthology: Spectrum of the Blue Water edited by Hedina Tahirović-Sijerčić & Cynthia Levine-Rasky (April 2017)

* The book is a dynamic blend of life writing, creative work, research essays about identity, childhood, immigration, work, art, memory, love, spirituality, activism, advocacy, leadership, and other themes affecting the lives of Romani women. Through incisive creativity, pragmatic action, and affective networks, this book consolidates these diverse expressions of agency and collectivity by activists, writers, artists, academics, community leaders, educators, professionals, and cultural and community workers.

One Bead at a Time a memoir by Beverly Little Thunder, as told to Sharron Proulx-Turner (May 2016)

 *One Bead at a Time is the oral memoir of Beverly Little Thunder, a two-spirit Lakota Elder from Standing Rock, who has lived most of her life in service to Indigenous and non-Indigenous women in vast areas of both the United States and Canada. Little Thunder established the first and today, the only all-women’s Sundance in the world, securing a land base in the Green Mountains of Vermont for future generations of Indigenous women’s ceremony. She was active in the A.I.M. movement and she continues to practice and promote political and spiritual awareness for Indigenous women around the world. 

If you are interested in examination copies of any of our titles for course consideration, please reply to this email (, and please include your name/mailing address, course title/term and estimated enrollment.


Thank you in advance,

Renée Knapp

Marketing Manager, Inanna Publications


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